Challenging the Mind, Encouraging the Heart

Challenging the Mind, Encouraging the Heart

The Prosper Valley School is a small, high-quality, high-performing elementary school located in Pomfret, Vermont.  Educating students in grades K though 6, the school has strong community support and maintains a wide variety of community connections.  Small classes and expert, caring teachers ensure that every child is given individual attention.  We provide many opportunities for parents to be involved in the school, and many do so.  The beautiful building and campus, which includes the Horizons Observatory, a sugar house, nature trails, playgrounds and an athletic field, provide an idyllic but real setting for diverse educational experiences.  Field trips and authentic learning are the heart of our programs.  In addition to the campus itself, we are fortunate to have a wealth of resources at our doorstep.  For example, we are just down the road from the Billings Farm & Museum and the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, both of which we use frequently.  In the other direction, we have the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, which is a great resource for our older students.  Our school motto, Challenging the Mind, Encouraging the Heart, aptly captures the spirit and goals of The Prosper Valley School, and they are words that we live by.

K/1/2 S.T.E.M

K/1/2 students worked on a S.T.E.M. engineering activity to implement and evaluate a solution to a problem.  They worked with a partner and were given marshmallows and toothpicks and asked to construct a “house” that would stand by itself.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the project and were delighted when they arrived the next morning to find that all of the structures had remained intact and standing!

Water Fair Pictures



 TPS Stage Show theater arts residency.  Our artist in residence was Trish Denton - a theater director who brought together a production of Peter Pan.  This residency was pretty different; one that was created from the ground up by the students themselves.


Teago Fire Department Visits School to Promote Fire Safety

Members of the Teago Fire Department members visited the Pomfret School to promote fire prevention and safety.  Above, firefighter Tom Gubbins, Lieutenant Bob Coates, Assistant Chief Terri Chamberlain, teacher Barb Leonard and paraprofessional Jenn Gubbins stand with students in front of a department fire truck.  Below, Terri and Tom discuss firefighter equipment in the classroom.  They also put on masks and to show students they should not be afraid of a fully covered firefighter if one ever comes to help them.​  Of course, Terri is also the school bus driver and Bob, Tom and Jenn are all active parents. The fire department visit coincided with the current unit on community and community workers.

Fifth Graders Build Gingerbread Houses in Study of Architecture

Fifth grade students made gingerbread houses as a culminating event in their study of architecture. Styles included Greek Revival, Italianate. Cape, Federal and Gothic Revival and are evidence of European influences in our culture. 


Kenyan Exchange Student Visits in Fifth Grade

Justice, an exchange student from Kenya, shared stories from his life in Kenya to fifth and sixth graders.


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