MBRNHP WCSU Project: Exploring Cosmic Scales and Imaging Beyond Imagining

"Sight is a faculty, but seeing is an art."
6th grade students at Reading,
Pomfret, Killington, and Barnard will take part in an amazing unit of study at the Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park.  We will be investigating the following questions:
How does your perception of a place change when you observe on different perspectives or scales?

How do lenses expand our understanding of the universe and help us make connections?
Here are the students' final projects summarizing what they learned all week. Click this to view the movie:
In order to answer these essential questions, we will be using the latest technology to examine how lenses give us unique perspectives on our world and universe, from the microscopic, through the human level, expanding into our universe.  To examine life on a small scale, we will be examining microorganisms through the lense of a high-tech microscope.  We will use cameras to capture images in the park and then view those images on a larger scale using GPS.  Finally, we will use Stellarium to view the sky through the seasons and learn how to photograph at the observatory.
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Microscopy and Astronomy Photos:                                                                                    



Can you pronounce everything you will be seeing!?!
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