Killington Elementary School's 6th Grade Site

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Welcome to the KES 6th Grade website.  Students and parents can check and send homework assignments, complete extra credit, and more.
One of the main goals of 6th Grade is to build strong leaders and prepare our students for the challenges of Middle School. For example, 6th graders are Big Friends to Kindergarteners, they perform important school-wide jobs such as recycling, and much more.  Also, we prepare our students for 21st century education by incorporating technology throughout the entire curriculum.    For example, students use Lego robotics and engineering to build simple machines (like cranes and multi-geared cars), build bridges, program Lego cars and robots to act as rovers and collect data, and much more.  Those are just some of the highlights of 6th Grade. 
What else makes 6th grade special:
  • Students have netbooks (laptops) which allow them to utilize technology throughout the entire day
  • Class officers run sixth grade class meetings
  • A week-long field trip to the Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park
  • A 6th grade student is elected as our school's Student Council president
  • Big Friend / Little Friend program where our students mentor younger ones
  • Lego engineering and computer programming
  • Week-long trip to Nature's Classroom in Maine
  • 6th graders set up and run our school's Haunted House at Halloween
  • Many students participate in Literature Lunch, Geography Lunch, Band, Student Council, Class Council, Spelling Team, and take leads in our school plays
    Contact Information:                                                                                                                
    Amy Simonds
    6th Grade Teacher