All about Me

    Biography: Hey I’m Hannah and I’m 11 years old. I love to run, play soccer, do cheer, Make crafts, and I also enjoy cooking. I have one older sister. I was born in Joplin, Mo, at St. John’s Hospital. My birthday is June 29, 2002. I now live in Webb city, Mo. I’m a sixth grader at WCMS, and My favorite subject is probably Math or Science. I’m excited for Junior High next year and I can’t wait to try out for a role in the Drama Club Play! So far, I’ve been in five plays and I’m trying out for Cheaper by the Dozen in August at Stone’s Throw Theater! My favorite restaurants are Cheddar’s, Olive Garden, Bamboo, Freddy’s, and Pizza Hut. I hope you enjoyed learning about me!!


1.(End of the Year)-Make my fourth quarter A.R. goal.

2.(Summer)-Join some activities going around the town.

3.(Junior High)-Stay organized, and get all A’s.

4.Optional - Sports, Music, Extracurriculars, Etc.-Make the cheerleading squad, Get into track, get into soccer, and get a big part in drama club.
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