What is a planet?
A planet is a large object that revolves around a star in a clear path or orbit. Our solar system has 8 planets.
What are the order of the planets?
Remember that Mercury is small and fast so it is the FIRST of the two "M" planets.
  • My       M = Mercury
  • Very     V = Venus
  • Easy     E = Earth
  • Method   M = Mars
  • Just     J = Jupiter
  • Speeds   S = Saturn
  • Up       U = Uranus
  • Naming   N = Neptune
Inner Planets:
There are 4 inner planets. These are the first 4, or the 4 closest planets to the sun! Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the inner planets. These planets are alike in many ways. They are all made of rocks and are smaller than the outer planets. Lastly, inner planets do not have more than 2 moons.
Facts of Inner Planets
Mercury: hottest planet
Earth: the only planet with life. Largest of the 4 inner planets. Only planet that has water.
Asteroid Belt:
Asteriods are bits of rock and metal. The Asteroid Belt is located in the middle between the inner and outter planets (between Mars and Jupiter). Asteriod Belt is a huge group of rocks and metal. 
Outer Planets:
There are 4 outer planets. The 4 are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The outer planets are made up of gas! They also have many moons and there are no solid surfaces on these planets. Another name for the outer planets are the Gas Giants.
Jupiter: largest planet and has the most moons 63
Saturn: known for rings
Neptune: windest planet, winds can reach 1,200 mph!
What are the differences between the inner and outer planets?