Evidence for Trial

Prosecution Evidence
Exhibit A:     recovered from the scene, one woodsman's ax with bloody handle.

Let’s think about the EVIDENCE

There are four traditional types of evidence:


·         Real a type of physical evidence and consists of objects that were involved in a case or actually played a part in the incident.

·         Demonstrative an object, or collection of objects, used to interpret or prove the truth of an event, action, ownership, or other status in question. Such objects may typically include videotapes, diagrams, photos, models, simulations, graphs, sound recordings, medical devices, drawings, animation, maps, sketches, and x-rays.

·         Documentary any evidence introduced at a trial in the form of documents.

·         Testimonial any evidence given by a witness, it can be spoken or written.

CIA PHOTO ANALYSIS  How quickly can you spot the differences between the two images? There are two different scenes to test your skills?
COPS and ROBBERS  You're the first to appear at the scene of a crime in
the woods. A body has been found and it's up to you to find the killer. Your task is to find as many clues as you can and bring them back to the police station. The more clues you find the easier your investigation with be!
 CIA ARIAL ANALYSIS Put your perceptual skills to the test. Study the image and then correctly answer the questions.