The Story

This slideshow was created by Jacob Guglielmin, Allan Cao and Faraz Tehrani. 

    It started off in a corner of the Westmount Charter School Learning Commons on an old monitor that was not in use. It took about a month to create, another few weeks to get the screen to stay on, and another few weeks to get it on the TV.

    We used a computer called a Raspberry Pi, and Libre Office Impress to get it to display the books. To get it started, we asked a few teachers and students for their favourite books in the Learning Commons. It originally had only 10 books, repeating over and over. Now, it has over 20 books!

     If you want to make one for yourself, head on over to the "How to make a Raspberry Pi Slideshow"
Also, please check us out on instructables by serching Raspberry Pi Slideshow!

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