Helpful Websites for Students

This portion of the webpage is dedicated to helping you, as the student, in many different ways. Below you will see links to help you find some great books to check out along with a brief summary of the book. You will also find helpful links that can help you with your homework assignments. 

 EasyBib is a great website that can help you document where you got your information easily and correctly! Use this website to help create your Bibliography page for any assignment! 


 Great website that shares a quick summary of the most popular teen books. If you are having a hard time finding something to read, check out this website! 

 This website talks about some of the most popular books at this time. Click on the book title that you are interested in, and it provides you with a short summary of the book.

 This website is great because you can type in the genre of books that you are interested in, and be provided with a list of books that fit in that category. This website is great to use to find some of the latest books being published. This website provides you with all kinds of information on this year's Truman Award Nominees. Click on the image to learn more about the authors of these amazing books, watch book trailers, and so much more.