Ask Mrs. Hulstine

Basic Library Questions and Answers

1. When is the library open?
    The Library Media Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:20 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

2. When can I come to the library to check out books?
    You may come into the library anytime during the school day as long as you have permission from your teacher or other adult at the school. You are allowed to come in before school  to read, play games, work on homework, etc. The library will also be open for you to come in after school until 3 p.m.. 

3. How long can I keep a book from the library?
    For popular books you can keep them for two weeks. All other books may be kept for 20 school days. When you check out a book, Mrs. Jones or myself will stamp your book with the date it is due back in the library. Periodicals can only be checked out for 5 school days. 

4. How many books may I have out of the library at one time?
    You may only have 3 items checked out of the library at one time. 

5 Is there a fine for overdue items?
    There is a fine for overdue items in the library. For books it is 5 cents for everyday it is past its return date. For periodicals, it is 10 cents for everyday it is past it's return date. Your fines must be paid before you can check out any other material from the library. Overdue notes will be sent to your homeroom teacher each week to remind you to bring in your money. 

6. How many times can I renew a book?
    Books may not be renewed! Popular books, Graphic Novels, and Truman books are two week check out. All other books can be checked out for one month!

7. What if I lose or damage a book?
    If you can not find your library book, you will have to pay to replace it. If you find the book at a later date and it is returned in good condition, your payment will be refunded. 
    If your book is returned with damage, you will have to pay to have the book replaced. For example, water damage (or any liquid), food on the pages, damage from pets, mud or dirt on the pages, page spine, or cover damage from roughness, etc. 

8. Can I look for books or resources that are in our library from home?
    OF COURSE! There is a link to Alexandria on the "Links" portion of the website. 
**COMING SOON** A link to access our Ebooks from home as well. Keep checking back to see when that is on the webpage.