• Upcoming CHOIR Events
    12/10 Christmas Concert 7 PM in Barton Theatre

    5/5 Spring Concert 2 PM in Barton Theatre
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  • 2018-2019 Show Choir Members

    Bella Vocé 2018-19

    Ashlyn Arteaga

    Rylee Ball

    Lauren Bogle

    Charity Brower

    Isabella Castillo

    Josie Clark

    Makenna Coble

    Maddie Cox

    Britney Cragg

    Sage Cranford

    Abbie Daino

    Lexi Davenport

    Lily Deadmond

    Hannah Dycus

    Lauren Fisher

    Julia Flack

    Mariah Francisco

    Kyra Gammon

    Alivia Gatlin

    Amiah Hampton

    Kayla Helms

    Rylee Jennings

    Chloe Johnston

    Narissa Lamont

    Natalie Lewis

    Abigail Masteller

    Aili McFall

    Elease McFall

    Tierney McFarland

    Chloe McGuirk

    Julianne Mead

    H’ven Meister

    Lauren Merrick

    Mika Miller

    Bailey Moore

    Lauren Moss

    Ashtyn Murray

    Myah Njoroge

    Jenna Putman

    Makayla Shannon

    Abin Sneed

    Joyce Stapleton

    Adrianna Stettes

    Hannah Turner

    Kelsie Venneman

    Emerald Ward

    Casey Williamson

    Webb City Singers 2018-19

    Christian Alberts

    Logan Alberts

    Ashlyn Arteaga

    Autumn Barroeta

    Lauren Bogle

    Matthew Bond

    Caden Brite

    Carter Brower

    Auria Brown

    Makenna Coble

    Maddie Cox

    Sidney Crane

    Sage Cranford

    Joshua Danner

    Trinity Dobbs

    Fletcher Dodson

    Rachel Dolence

    Kane Ely

    Kyahn Ely

    Sarah Farrar

    Lauren Fisher

    Silas Frank

    Renae Gillmore

    Corbon Hoffstatter

    Scott Hoffstatter

    Gabriel Jacob

    Rylee Jennings

    Chloe Johnston

    Wyatt King

    Gabe Kirkland

    Sydney Lopez

    Abigail Masteller

    Bailey McDaniel

    Julianne Mead

    H’ven Meister

    Mika Miller

    Paige Mock

    Jephte Perez

    Gavin Phillips

    Sidney Rushing

    Ethan Shipley

    Trinton Shoemaker

    Brianna Simpson

    Chloe Spiva

    Kaeden Tebbets

    Blain Walker

    Bailey Wallace

    Emerald Ward

    Halie Watson

    Olivia Whitesell

    Zachary Woolverton



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  • Auditions for Bella Voce & WC Singers

    WC Show Choirs Audition Information

    This packet is also available for download on the WCHS Choir page

    Thank you for your interest in WCHS Show Choirs!!  Carefully review the following information regarding auditions.  Please note – the application and medical release form MUST be signed by a Parent/Guardian and turned in by Wednesday, March 7, 2017 before you will be allowed to rehearse for the auditions!  ADDITIONALLY, ANY OUTSTANDING CHOIR OR SHOW CHOIR FEES FROM 2017-2018 MUST BE TAKEN CARE OF BEFORE YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO AUDITION.  If you are in Junior High, all of your outstanding fees must also be paid. This policy is strictly enforced.     


            Tuesday, March 6,  6:30 AM-7:15 AM (bus provided to JH)

            Thursday, March 8, 3:00-5:00 PM

            Monday, March 12, 3:00-5:00 PM   

    You must be at ALL of these rehearsals in order to participate in the auditions.  Exceptions will be made only in extreme emergency situations.  Please contact Ms. Benham immediately if you believe you will have an issue with any of these rehearsals.

    AUDITION DATE: Auditions will be Tuesday, March 13 beginning at 3:30 PM. Callbacks, if needed, will be on Wednesday or Thursday, March 15 and 16 starting at 3:00 PM.  Students will need to be at callbacks if they are asked to be.  The callback list will be posted on Wednesday, March 15 at 7:00  outside the Junior High and High School choir rooms.  You may sign up for audition time during your 3/12 rehearsal.  Girls will only need to be there for their audition time.  Boys should plan to stay longer, as there are typically more girls that audition than boys, and they will be needed to participate in more than their own audition.

    AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Students will audition in groups of 4 (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass).  Each student must sing My Country Tis of Thee in three various key signatures, sing through a scale, match a variety of pitches, and then perform Best Day of My Life as prepared.   Find the audio at

    and a pdf of the music on the choir website

    Each voice part has a solo in the song.  Seniors will teach choreography, and we will go over parts in rehearsal, but you are responsible for learning both the choreography and vocal parts.  

    AUDITION RESULTS: Letters of notification will be distributed on Friday, March 16 at 2:15.  You may pick them up outside of the HS choir office.  Letters for JH students will be available at the JH Choir room.  Each year students are selected based on their performance, commitment level, and attitude displayed the prior year as well as the current audition.  Therefore, membership in a show choir one year does not guarantee membership the following year.

    HS ENROLLMENT ISSUES: HS students will be enrolled in their classes for next year BEFORE the audition process.  If you are a current show choir member, enroll again in the same choir.  If you are not a current member, enroll in either Mixed Choir or Concert Choir.  When you receive your audition results, it will state which choir you should be enrolled in and you may go to the counselor and request changes.

    WC SHOW CHOIRS COMMITMENT: By filling out the audition application and committing to the audition process, the student and parent/guardian are committing to all of the responsibilities required of the 2018-2019 show choir.  You are strongly encouraged to read through the entire Show Choir Handbook that is accessible on the choir webpage and understand that if you are selected for one of the show choirs, you and your parent will be asked to sign the agreement form at the back of the handbook.  A successful audition into one of the WC Show Choirs is a privilege and should be treated as such.  Therefore, 100% attendance is expected at ALL WC Show Choir events.  This includes six full days of vocals and choreography August 6-11, 2018. We will not have vocal camp in June as we have had in the past few years.   Also, there is a financial obligation associated with both groups.  Members of WC Singers and Bella Vocé pay $360 per year. THE FIRST $100 PAYMENT IS DUE BY MAY 15. This money is used primarily for costuming pieces but also includes set design, some meals, hotel expenses, etc.  Students are able to keep some of the items, such as shirts, bodysuits, etc.  If you are concerned about the financial obligation, please talk to Ms. Benham as soon as possible.  Current WC Singers and Bella Vocé members will not be allowed to audition if their current fees are not paid.

    Thank you, again, for your interest in the Webb City Show Choirs!!

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!      417-483-4834 OR


    WC Show Choirs Application and Medical Release Form – Due by Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    CHOIR MEMBERSHIP--READ CAREFULLY:  Bella Voce’ is the all female (unisex) show choir and WC Singers is the mixed, male and female show choir.  At WCHS we do not have a “varsity” show choir or “beginning” show choir.  Talent is spread across both choirs to ensure each choir has a competitive edge.  Only the men who are selected are 100% certain to be placed in WC Singers.  Membership may be fluid, meaning a female, if selected for show choir, could be placed in one choir one year and a different choir another year.  Female students may not request to be in a specific choir and only rare circumstances are considered to make accommodations for special requests.

    Student Name: ____________________________________________________________________   Current Grade in School: ____________

    Student Phone # ____________________________________________ Parent Phone # ___________________________________________

    What music class(es)/ensemble(s) were you in during the 2017-2018 school year? ________________________________________________


    Do you take private voice lessons?  If yes, with whom and for how long? ________________________________________________________

    Have you been in band or take piano lessons?  If yes, when?  What did/do you play? ______________________________________________

    What extra-curricular activities do you plan on being involved in next year?  Please include all activities such as work, sports, band, cheerleading, Redettes, theatre, ROTC, clubs, traveling teams that are not school based.

    ____________________________                 _____________________________               ____________________________

    ____________________________                 _____________________________               ____________________________

    4.  Who is your homeroom teacher? ___________________________________   5.  What is your GPA? ________

    6.  Have you ever been suspended from school?  ___________ When & Why? ____________________________________________________

    7.   Have you ever been on the ineligible list? _________  If yes, when? _________________________________________________________

    8.   Why do you want to be a member of WCHS Show Choirs?(use the back or attach another sheet if necessary)? _______________________



    Notice:  Your grades, attendance and behavior are a determining factor in whether you are selected.  If you are a returning show choir student, your history and commitment to rehearsals and the group will also be considered.  If you are a senior and graduating at semester, you are not eligible to audition.

    Permission/Intent to Commit:  My student and I have read the entire Show Choir Application and understand completely all of the expectations involved with auditioning for show choir.  We also understand that by auditioning we are accepting and agreeing to all of the commitments, expectations and responsibilities associated with being a member of the 2017-2018 WC Show Choirs.  My student may audition for the WC Show Choirs.  If selected, I understand the first payment of $100 is due by May 15, 2018.

    Parent/Guardian: _________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________

    Student: ________________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________
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  • 2018-2019 Show Choir Audition Resources
    Attached is the Show Choir Audition information sheet and a pdf of the sheet music.  You may access recordings at

    As soon as the 18-19 handbook is complete with dates, it will be posted, but you are encouraged to read through the 17-18 handbook to learn more about WCHS Show Choirs
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  • 2017-2018 Show Choir Member Handbook
    Find our handbook at
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  • 17-18 Combo Auditions
    Auditions for combo will be held in the choir room on April 17th at 3:00 PM.  Come prepared with your own printed music (Use the audition materials for Facade to prepare) and your instrument.  For questions, please see or email Ms. Benham.

    Posted Apr 6, 2017, 6:43 AM by Melinda Benham
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             Melinda Benham-Choir Director
I began my teaching career in WCHS in 2003 and have been blessed to be able to teach many grade levels from k-12.  I have been a life-long student and hold certifications in music education, elementary education, and even k-12 administration.  I am a proud graduate of Missouri Southern State University as well as Missouri State University.  

       Terri Rushing-District Accompanist
I grew up in a musical family and have played piano since I was 4 years old.  I've played at Webb City since 2011 at High School, Jr High, and preschools.  My son Sidney is now proud member of Webb City Singers!