Welcome To: The ART ZONE: 

7th grade Art and 8th grade Art/ Graphic Design class

Yearbook class 

Order your yearbook from Jostensyearbooks.com before Dec. 30 to get the $3.00 discount. 
Yearbook order forms were sent home. You may order online or use the envelope provided to send your order and money to Miss Southard. Make sure all information is filled out on the form. 

Replayit.com is a great way for parents and students to upload photos to a secure site, for possible use in the school yearbook. 
simply download the FREE  replayit.com App from the app store. enter the school code wccards17. Add grade and description of photo, example 8th gd football, put it in the sports section.

To order yearbook: Go to the school website, and to the junior high page to find the yearbook banner. Click on the banner and it directs you to the site for ordering the yearbook. 

work experience: 
Stay at home mom 
Assistant Manager of Wall paper store
Seneca High School
Webb City Junior High

Master degree: Curriculum and Instruction from WilliamWoods

Bachelor of Science in Art Education:
Missouri Southern State University.

Webb City High School graduate.