Hello, I'm Mrs. Bordewick! Welcome to Eighth Grade Writing! I look forward to having you all in my classroom this year. I went to Carl Junction High School and graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2016 with an English Education Degree. Please take a look below for a yearly overview of our Writing class! 


Yearly Overview of Writing 8

Quarter One: Fundamentals. (Punctuation, Root Words, Sentence Fluency, Voice, Vocabulary, Parts of Speech, and a Lifesong Project)

Quarter Two: Narrative Writing. (Elements of Short Stories, The Writing Process, Introductions, Body Paragraphs, Conclusions, and a Final Essay)

Quarter Three: Informative Writing. (Research- How to research and where do you find research, quoting and paraphrasing, credibility, incorporating research into essays.)

Quarter Four: Argumentative Writing. (Develop arguments using research, counter arguments, and argumentative essay debates)