Welcome to the Wake County ESL Department!

The goal of English as a Second Language is to prepare students to function successfully in classrooms where English is the medium of instruction for all subject areas.  

It is our mission to teach the English language to ESL students so they can gain access to the standard course of study, graduate with a diploma and participate fully in US Society.  The ESL program strives to keep ESL students in school in order to give them the English language and academic skills necessary to obtain a diploma and successfully function in the United States.  ESL is funded by State and Federal Programs.  

Good Things!!

Wake County's fabulous HS ESL teachers, rested and ready to teach after summer break! 

ESL Feature Teacher 
Liz Losi teaches ESL at Jeffreys Grove Magnet Elementary School. She became a teacher because she loves being around children. Liz attended college at the State University of New York Cortland, and earned a Master's from Western Connecticut. Liz's favorite color is blue, and she's fabulous at jigsaw puzzles! Liz is Colombian, and she is the proud mom to four sons. She lives with her sons, husband, and dog. A fun fact about Liz is that she loves exercise classes. If you run into her on October 12th, be sure to wish her Happy Birthday! 
Jul 6, 2016, 10:43 AM