Tool Terms

For the purposes of parent permission, there are two categories of web tools: Some tools require only parental awareness but other tools require explicit parental permission and often a parent signature for a student to create an account. Tool publishers create terms of service that dictate which category the tool belongs in. This site will help you navigate terms of service and the two categories of tools.

Permissions apply to students creating accounts. Accessing a site like padlet without creating an account does not collect personal information and therefore does not require permission. However, it is always best practice to keep parents informed about the online activities occurring in classrooms.

Creating terms of use and privacy policies that comply with CIPA and COPPA are the responsibility of the tool publisher. Our responsibility is to keep our students safe online and to keep student information private by following the terms and privacy policies created by the tool publishers. Before using any online tool, please review online safety and digital citizenship with students.

The charts and tool lists on this site are intended to provide at-a-glance guidance for commonly used web tools. Please visit tool pages and publisher terms of service for more detailed information.

Under 13 Permissions
Permission Tools (Parent Signature)

Signed responsible use policy serves as permission, but it is still best practice to notify parent /guardian any time a student account is created

ClassDojo (parent email verification)
ClassFlow (Promethean)
Edmodo (ALL AGES)
Learnzillion (parent email verification)

Do Not Use Under 13