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Spring Musical


SGHS Performing Arts: Chorus, Band, Orchestra, and Theatre 

Sponsors for Spring Musical Listed Below!  

Those interested in Sponsoring our Spring Musical must contact SGHS Arts Boosters President Michelle Carpio- sghsartsboosters@gmail.com

The Promotional information you share will be presented in the playbill, onstage, and on this website. 

Monday Afterschool 2:30-4:45 

Time of Event is dependent on participants involved. Those who perform and ride the bus will need to be ready to stay and observe Play Rehearsal. 

SGHS Fine Arts Instructional Expectations & Arts Professionalism Agreement

SGHS Fine Arts Instructional Practices & Arts Professionalism Agreement

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Reflective Essays

Meet the Teacher Mrs. Elrod (maiden name Silvas)

ABOUT  Mrs. Elrod

CONTACT: kelrod@wcpss.net

I have been teaching in the North Carolina Public High School System since 2014, while also managing my theatrical professional career throughout the Triangle and Triad area. I have professional experience working in front of the camera, behind the camera, on stage, back stage, and in the production scene shop as a carpenter, technician, and technical director with various productions, including opera, musicals, plays, commercials, and concerts in Texas, venues in Austria, Spain, France, and Italy, and right here in North Carolina. I thoroughly enjoy teaching students about the art form that is, sincerely, my passion. 

My classroom is not the traditional classroom. I teach students about the intense production demands through project planning, observation, practiced application, and productive reflection to guide future endeavours. 

In my class, we are learning about Design and Technology, Performance Preparation, Directing and Management, and Critical Script writing and Analysis. 

At the top, you will see a slideshow of pictures displaying students working towards meeting the various demands of putting on a play/ musical and studying the theatrical production process.

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