The Constitution


Essential Question: What ideas and compromises led to the formation of our government?

Purpose/Goal: Build a website on the Constitution from the point of view of one of our Founding Fathers. Research the viewpoint/side the Founding Father was on- Federalist or Anti Federalist and build the website as if you are that person. Choose from several of the Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John Adams
Creating a New Government:
Essential Standards:
8.H.1- Apply historical thinking to understand the creation and development of North Carolina and the United States
8.H.2- Understand the ways in which conflict, compromise and negotiation have shaped North Carolina and the United States
8.C&G.1- Analyze how democratic ideals shaped government in North Carolina and the United States

Introduction TAB- Title:Creating a New Nation
Briefly describe the parts of the Constitution Preamble/Articles/Amendments
Include the preamble
Explain why the Articles of Confederation were not enough and resulted in the Constitu

Tab 1-Explain the important compromises made when developing the Constitution. What were the two
sides and how did they compromise?:
The Great Compromise
3/5ths Compromise

Tab 2-Explain the two main views:
Antifederalists and Federalists

Give your opinion: Which one do you agree with an why? 
Tab 3-Describe the three branches of government- their role and the leaders

Explain how the three branches can check each other. Why was this important then and still today?

Tab 4-The major players Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay

Choose one of them to write a bio poem for based on what you know about that person: ( this may require a little research on the internet as well.)

Tabs 5-7  Include 3 "artifacts" from the time period. Pictures of important objects or paintings/drawings of important scenes and explain the relevancy of those items.

Tabs worth 10 points: 1-4
Tabs worth 5 points each: Intro tab (This is my intro tab) and 5-7
Cite your sources- 5pts
Total: 65 points
To get full points you must fully address the directions for that tab, have correct grammar and spelling, and show creativity.

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