Fourth grade students at Swift Creek Elementary study the recorder in music class.  The recorder is a simple wood flute that dates back to the medieval times.  The recorders we use are made of plastic.  Students study the recorder as part of the NC Essential Music Standards: 4.ML.1 Apply the elements of music and musical techniques in order to sing and play music with accuracy and expression and 4.ML.2 Interpret the sound and symbol systems of music. 
Students will be given a school owned recorder and music to practice and perform to show their skills through our "Recorder Karate" program.  In this program, students have the opportunity to earn colored "belts" to tie on the end of their recorder as skills and songs are mastered.  Students are responsible for practicing their recorder and music at home and bringing their recorder and music to school on music day for class.  Students progress will be posted outside the music room.

Download parent letter sent in Tuesday folders by clicking on file below.
Recorder Students:  click the link below to practice online: see Mrs. Huddle for the username and password!

1-02 The Old North State (Stereo Mix 1.mp3
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