Pizzathon Project

Go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM (make sure you are logging in with your wcpss account).  Class code: 1xyitn7

    1. Origins and history of your ingredient:
        Where did it come from?
        How was it used?
        How did it become popular/used regularly
    2. Agricultural production today:
        How is your food produced today?
        How does it get to your pizza from where it starts?
        What path or process does it take to create that ingredient on your pizza?
    3. What careers does it take to get that ingredient to your pizza?:
        Name at least five

    1. Choose one career from A3:
        What background must you have to consider this career?
            A High school diploma?  College degree or higher?
        What kind of training do you need?  Do you test for a license?  Do you complete an                     
    2. Once you are in the job what are your daily duties/routines/expectations?
    3. What are the risks and benefits of this career?
        What is the salary expected from this career?
        What are the possibilities of advancement in this career?

    1. Citations/References