Welcome to the Swift Creek Music

Hello Swift Creek, 
        My name is Ms. Sutton. I teach music at Swift Creek. I'm excited that you stopped by the music website. Here is a quick overview of what we have on the music website. 
  • Music Websites: 
    • Be connected with online sources to create, play, listen and learn about music. 
  • SC Chorus:
    • Get the latest information on chorus 
  • What's Happening:
    • Discover what students are learning and discovering. 
  • Why Music Education:
    • Explore the importance of music education for all. 
  • About Ms. Sutton
    • Learn a little about Ms. Sutton
           My goal is to constantly be adding resources, local performances, school events and more to the website. So make sure you visit the page often for updates. 

     Happy Music Making, 
     Ms. Sutton