AP Physics 1

From the course syllabus:

Physics is a dynamic and exciting field of study; there is a vast amount of information and every day more is added. This course is designed to continue your physics learning with an in-depth look at several key areas of study.

AP Physics 1 is the first in a two course sequence that is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of key physics concepts. Students are expected to have had CCM2 or its equivalent before taking AP Physics 1. This course is approved by the College Board to give the student training in the discipline of physics at the collegiate level. AP Physics 1 will prepare the student to take the corresponding Advanced Placement exam. A passing grade on this exam MAY earn you college credit. Please contact your intended college(s) for more information regarding credit.

On this page you will find a variety of resources to assist you with AP Physics 1.

Study Resources

Khan Academy - Khan Academy is a community-sponsored, free learning site where students can watch videos that walk them progressively through a topic and then practice what they have learned. (Great for visual - watch and do - or auditory learners.)

The Physics Classroom - The physics classroom is a site with written descriptions and processes to walk you through physics problems. The articles are written with great detail and have practice problems with solutions. (Great for students who learn best by reading.)

Video Resources

Doc Schuster - The creator of these videos is a physics teacher from Missouri.  He has a fun and easy approach to teaching physics. A word of caution: From time to time, he includes calculus in his videos; since this is an algebra-based class, please ignore the calculus.