During our July 5th Open House we asked parents to respond on index cards to the question “how can we help you to help your child grow and be successful in 7th grade?” Many of your concerns or suggestions had to do with communication.

  • Carefully reading this weekly update from the team will provide you with an overview of the week’s accomplishments and the goals for the coming week. Often we include test dates, project information and resources to utilize.

  • We all also use the REMIND app. Many of you have already signed up for each of our classes, please remind others to do the same.

  • We post a daily agenda on the team webpage listing homework, projects, tests, etc. This is a great resource-especially if your child is absent, or forgets to bring home their agenda.

  • We encourage parents to email us for clarification or if you have any concerns. We usually are able to respond the same day depending on when we receive your email.

  • Our team webpage has links to our individual pages which may include project rubrics, web links and copies of materials for assignments.

Welcome to Track 1

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