About Science Olympiad

Raleigh Regional Tournament: February 2, 2019

State Tournament: April 26 - 27, 2019

North Carolina Science Olympiad (NCSO) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to attract and retain the pool of K-12 students entering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees and careers in North Carolina. Every year NCSO hosts tournaments on university, community college, and public school campuses across the state. These tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of different hands-on, interactive, challenging and inquiry-based events that are well balanced between the various disciplines of biology, earth science, environmental science, chemistry, physics, engineering and technology.

NCSO Website: http://www.sciencenc.com/

National SO Website: http://soinc.org/

About the Daniels Science Olympiad team:

The first SO team at Daniels was formed in 1984. Throughout the years, Daniels has periodically qualified to compete in the NCSO State Tournament. We welcome students who have a love for science and  learning. The Daniels SO team consists of 18 students participating in 23 events. In September, team members are selected based on their performance on a qualifier test and teacher recommendations. SO is not a club; team members must attend scheduled practices and commit to tournament dates. Practices are scheduled after school; not all events practice every week.

Mr. Morris is the head coach for the Daniels SO team. He has several assistant coaches that include teachers, parents, and other volunteers. Volunteer coaches are always welcome; our recent successes are due to our wonderful coaches!

Daniels Science Olympiad - Anchored in Excellence

2018/2019 - Raleigh Regional 5th place - State TBD - Mr. Morris-Winner of Science Olympiad Inspiration Award

2017/2018 - Raleigh Regional 4th place - State 14th place (4th in WCPSS)

2016/2017 - Raleigh Regional 4th place - State 14th place (3rd in WCPSS)

2015/2016 - Raleigh Regional 8th place

2013/2014 - Raleigh Regional 5th place - State 21st place (3rd in WCPSS) - Winner of the Raleigh Regional Spirit Award

2012/2013 - Raleigh Regional 4th place - State 13th place (2nd in WCPSS) - Winner of the Raleigh Regional Spirit Award

2011/2012 - Raleigh Regional 1st Place - State 7th Place (1st in WCPSS) - Winner of the Raleigh Regional Spirit Award and the Julian Brown Spirit Award (State)

2010/2011 - Raleigh Regional 1st Place - State 4th Place (1st in WCPSS) - Winner of the Raleigh Regional Spirit Award

2009/2010 - Raleigh Regional 4th Place - State 8th Place (1st in WCPSS) -  Winner of the Raleigh Regional Spirit Award

2008/2009 - Raleigh Regional 3rd Place - State 18th Place


1984/85 Daniels Science Olympiad Team at the State Tournament at Catawba College.

Mr. Morris and Mr. Hall - coaches

For more information about the Daniels Science Olympiad team, please contact Greg Morris at gtmorris@wcpss.net.