Our Program

Daniels Magnet Middle School began the implementation of a Global Studies program in 2015 and will begin a Language Immersion program in Spanish in 2018 and Mandarin Chinese  in 2021. Global education is about developing global competence: the attitude, skills and knowledge needed to understand and participate in a globally connected world. Specifically, students with global competence:             

  • Explore their own culture, make comparisons with other cultures and investigate global issues and challenges.
  • Think critically and problem-solve issues that demand using research skills and taking different perspectives.
  • Develop awareness of cultural diversity and global issues.

Daniels will provide all students with the skills and knowledge needed to become competitive, compassionate world citizens through a globally infused curriculum in our core classes. Students will learn about global issues as part their academic team in addition to our global studies electives. We offer courses in Chinese, French, and Spanish. Magnet students are required to take a World Language and the Survey of Magnet Global Studies Courses or Band. Our school is partnering with Participate (formerly VIF International Education) and UNC World View in Chapel Hill to prepare global-ready teachers and students.

Magnet Coordinator:
Greg Morris
919.881.4860 extension 23358