Cloning Resources for Middle School Students

All About Cloning~From Britannica, a great resource to get an overview on cloning.  If you access from home, will need to type in the password for NCwiseowl which your teacher has.

All About Stem Cells~Much of the cloning debate revolves around whether we should clone stem cells to create spare body parts/organs for people in need.

All About Genetic Engineering~Should we genetically engineer our food to try and end world hunger?

Human Cloning Video~A short video from Discovery on human cloning.

Cloning Stem Cells~From the UK newspaper the Telegraph.

Genetic Technology~An overview of the controversial genetic technology movement from The Big Book of Science.

Cloning Extinct Animals~There are many pros and cons to cloning animals that have died out. This link explores both sides of the argument.

Human Cloning Laws~This is a website from National Conference of State Legislatures that outlines the various cloning laws in America.  It was last updated in 2008.

Stem Cell Research Fuels More Debate on Cloning~An article from the newspaper USA Today on the ethics of stem cell research.

Dolly the Clone: Ten Years Later~Dolly the lamb was the first mammal to be cloned.  This link will teach you more about her.

Genetically Modified vs. Cloning~What exactly is the difference between a genetically modified animal and a cloned animal?

Genetic Engineering Debate~Should we be genetically engineering animals or people?  This article explores the pros and cons.