How do I change the settings?

- click on the "Settings" icon
- click on the setting you want to change (note: some settings are locked)

How do I move an icon?

- find the icon you want to move
- touch and hold the icon until the icons begin to "wiggle", without lifting your finger, drag the icon to the new location
- drag the icon on top of another icon to create a folder and then name your folder
-press the home button on your device to return to normal mode

How do I change my camera settings?

- click on the camera icon. (in the top right, you can flip between front and rear cameras)
- on right side, you can scroll through options (video, photo, slo-mo, etc)

How do I find my photos?

- click on the "Photos" icon
- your images can be organized into albums
- you can also access the camera from here

How do I preserve my battery life?

- turn your tablet off at night while charging
- double press the home button, then swipe up to close open apps

How do I use my iPad at home?

- the WiFi will automatically connect at school, and please connect to your home WiFi to use at home.
- this document will show you how to use your iPad at home

How do I take a screenshot?

- depress the power button and the home button at the same time

What if I still need help?

- if you are a CMMS student and you still need assistance, go to and fill out the form