Learning the Ropes

May 10, 2017 In a Blink of the Eye!!
Wow. Where did the year go? My inbox is full of stuff that is all about the end of the school year. 
Looking back as I work on my Summative Assessment....there have been some really great teaching and learning opportunities in the 2016 - 2017 school year.  
  • 5th Grade  Ecosystems and the National Parks Project
  • 1st Grade Global Connected Classroom in Seesaw 
  • Seesaw!!! Everyone is on Seesaw. 
  • BreakOut EDU games in classrooms
  • Señor Leo goes to Costa Rica with Twitter
  • 4th Grade State Parks Project and Presentation at NCTIES
  • Going Google Classroom
  • BYOD Pilot Program at Bugg
  • School News Shows
  • Presented at Spring and Fall Convergence
Now is the time of year when I begin to plan for next year. Back when I was a classroom teacher and had those days of no technology, no cell phone, no reading or writing.... you know, during the EOG, I would begin planning for next year. (I love to use dead time as my creative time. I have had some pretty profound ideas pop into my head on Sunday nights traveling west on I-40!)

While everything at Bugg is changing.. new focus from Science and the Arts to Design and Computer Science, some things need to stay the same. I still need to be there to support the classroom teachers and the special area teachers to raise their lessons to the next level. Guide them to enhance lessons giving students opportunities to learn so much more thanks to the WWW. Lead them away from finding a way to use the next new toy but ways to take that learning to "redefinition". (I still love the SAMR Model to explain where we need to be in the use of technology!!)

So for now I am going to create a document that will "sale" my ways to co-teach with K - 5 teachers, Music, Art, PE and Spanish. My end of year resolution for next year is to get into more classrooms. Push in and make the learning MORE through the use of technology. Oh, and create a place for students to go when they need to do research. Why do we still have students "Googling"? Oh my. So much work to be done!~

September 13 A New Chapter Begins
This morning I showed up for work at Bugg Elementary. (Inside the Beltline! YES a long way from home!) Beginning today I am will be the Instructional Technology Facilitator at Brassfield Road on Mondays and Fridays. I will be the Instructional Technology Facilitator at Bugg on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Along with this change comes lots of emotions. I am very sad to leave my students in the Technology Explorations classes at Brassfield. We were doing such neat things. (Hey 4th Graders.... finish up those NCState Parks Projects. I still would like to show you off at NCTIES in the Spring!) And I am very sad not to continue Bear Vision News every day. The relationships that I develop with my BVN Crew is the single best point of being at Brassfield. Hopefully, there will be a way to continue with this Brassy Tradition and have the news... when we can. I am very happy to be serving the students and teachers at Brassfield as the ITF. With the Specials rotation and tech contact jobs I think I was viewed less of a coach. I get to do what pushed me to get the advanced degree now. Help teachers help students. 
I am very excited about my time spent at Bugg. From what I have seen today, this place is awesome. There are more iPads here than I ever dreamed of! (Yes, ITFs dream of crazy things like iPads in the hands of every student. Oh MY!!) The faculty and staff have greeted me with hugs and handshakes and told me that appreciate me already. These days at Bugg promise to be very rewarding as an educator. 

To all my teachers at both Brassfield and Bugg....... PLEASE don't hesitate to let me help YOU. Let's brainstorm ideas, plan lessons, think outside the box and share the Awesome Sauce with everyone!!

Stay tuned for more details of my role as an ITF in Wake County Public School System! Here goes!!

June 6 - More on the Big Bang Fair....
Ms. Fanning shared with me what her students said about the Big Bang Fair. Out of the mouths of babes.....
(Sorry. I just love idioms. It comes from being the writing teacher for all those years! Out of the mouths of babes is something that you say when a small child says something that surprises you because it shows an adult's wisdom and understanding of a situation. They are amazing. 

"The Big Bang Fair was a huge success. One reason was that at the fair many people showed perseverance. Last but not least, everyone showed engagement." Clara

"I love the Big Bang Fair because me and my table mates got to go to BTV. Thanks for watching. That's ___ and that's ___ Have a wonderful Friday. We had so much fun. Thank you Ms. Hawley for the fun activities and setting up all the fun love and fun surprises." Alayna

"One reason I thought the Big Bang Fair was a success was because everyone was getting along. Another reason was because everyone had fun. Final reason I like it was because everyone was sharing. For example, people asked other people to have a turn playing with stuff." Danielle

""I thought the Big Bang Fair was a success because everyone was hard working like building Legos!" Owen

"Another thing I loved about Big Bang Fair was that we had fun. I know everybody had fun because everyone could do two different things that were pretty cool." Trey

"I think the Big Bang Fair was very fun because everybody was focused on their station, everybody was paying attention at their station and everybody was focused on what they were doing!" Finn

"I think the Big Bang Fair was a success because we got to build inventions and we got along and had fun." Roniy

"When I looked up no one was looking at me because everyone was focused on the rotation." Rosette

"It was a lot of hard working. Like controlling the ball with an iPad. I was having fun." Nathan

"It was a success because everybody was getting along and everybody was working hard." Zyon

"Everyone was cheering on each other at the Minecraft Pi edition. At the paper roller coaster we all had to work together just like at soccer or at baseball." Caden

"My opinion for Big Bang Fair was a success because everyone was hard working and getting everything done!" Rachel

"Everybody had confidence for example Minecraft everybody thought they would win." Tyler

"I got to build a railroad made for a marble to roll down. Me, Tyler and Caden beat the 3rd graders." John

"One of the activities is sphero painting. I liked the sphero painting because I got to contro the ball. I also worked hard because the ball got stuck in the paint. I pushed harder and harder until I got the ball out." Ure

"The Big Bang Fair was a cool thing in school We could make different things with magnets. We made race cars out of magnets." Nayelie

"The BTV group was another rotation. That was very exciting because I was going to be on BTV on different days like Friday and Wednesday." Lily

To Ms. Fanning's Second graders (almost 3rd graders) YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much for putting your opinion of the Big Bang Fair on paper for me to read. I really appreciate your hard work. I am so glad you enjoyed Big Bang Fair. It was a fun day indeed.
love, Ms. Hawley

What a BANG it way!
Thank you a million times to all of those who helped make The Brassfield Big Bang Fair a HUGE success. Students were coming up to me thanking me for providing them the opportunity to see and do so many neat activities. The student ENGAGEMENT was unbelievable. The CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING, COLLABORATION AND COMMUNICATION     were off the charts. If you need to meet your 4Cs, think Big Bang!
My volunteers who were such a huge part of the two days were:
Parent Volunteers - Julie Schmid, Amy Dempsey, Ayana and Marc Robinson, Julie Karg, Ellen Maselli, Amy Newman, Kathy Hamrick, Tim Davis, Jennifer Haygood, Hal Haygood, Pratima Kavde, Ashley Mccollum, Tania and Brian Talbot, Maki Nishimura, and Mirite Sinanis
Community Volunteers - Nathan Stevens from NCState, Amber Black from NCState, Scott McQuiggan and his troupe from SAS, Chris Wasko, Kristy Meyrick, and Chris Shearer from WCPSS Instructional Technology and Library Media Services Office, and Kent Hunt from Raleigh Parks and Rec 
BTV Student Helpers - Abby, Payton, Lilly, Lily, Elle, Henlin, Ellie, Liviya, Trinity, Maya, Samantha, Malia, Tyler, Antonio, Trey, Molly, Maddie, Sholer, Barrett, Caitlin, Ethan, Jackson, Hayes, Van, Chloe, Berkeley, Caroline and Jack

Maker Challenge
Osmo - Masterpiece YOU!

The BIG BANG Fair Needs Parent and Community Volunteers
The Big Bang Fair ar Brassfield is coming and we need your help! 

You are invited to...... The Big Bang Fair

Tuesdays, May 10th (for Tracks 2 & 4) and May 17th (for Tracks 1 & 3)

4th and 5th grade - 11:15 - 12:30

K - 1st - 12:30 - 1:45

2nd and 3rd 2:15 - 3:30

My vision is for adults to lead sessions or stations igniting the curiosity of students on different tools, methods, possibilities! Some stations we are working on include:

  • Music
  • Art with Osmos
  • Geocaching
  • Coding
  • Legos Challenge
  • Maker Challenge
  • Celebration Station
  • Jr. BTV
  • Robotics
  • Building Roller Coasters
  • Minecraft with Raspberry Pi - The Possibilities are Endless
  • Sphero Obstacle Course
  • Sphero Golf

Look at your calendar. See if you can join us. IF you can, send me a description of the session/station you would like to do. I will need a quick blurb on the station so that students can choose the two stations they want to visit. Sessions will run 35 minutes.

I will also need adults to help with the moving of students from station to station. They will have two sessions and moving the little ones may be a challenge. The more help the better.

Roll around some ideas. Share what your thoughts are. I could use all the help I can get with this.We have great parents here at Brassfield. Many of you have careers that lend themselves to just this type of volunteer work. Hope to see you soon!

Email me at thawley@wcpss.net

Hey Ms. Olynik's Class. Click HERE

February 3, 2016
Coding Still Tops the NEWS!
This just in from our new TA and Coding Club leader, Mrs. Teristi:

The Iron Yard Durham will be offering our first set of kid's programming classes for 2016. The class will be February 27, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Please RSVP through our Meetup page. If you can't make this class, don't worry as we will let you know the dates for our March class through the Meetup page.

We will be offering a class for 8-12 year olds.  Please sign up your children for this class only if they are within this age group.

Learn the fundamentals of coding, for beginners to intermediate students in Scratch, a programming platform for children.  This workshop will guide you through coding fundamentals essential for future practice.  Kids need to have a laptop that is fully charged with a power cord. Parents are required to attend with their student, and remain on-site for the duration of the course.

We will be offering a class for 13-18 year olds.  Please sign up your children for this class only if they are within this age group.

Create a personal website using HTML and CSS, the fundamental building blocks of web design!  You'll gain a strong foundation in HTML and CSS by building a website all about you and you'll build skills that will transfer to any number of future website projects.  Upon completion of the course, you'll will be receiving a certificate of achievement!

Kids need to have a laptop that is fully charged with a power cord. Parents are required to attend with their student and remain on-site for the duration of the course.

December 1, 2015
The Hour of Code is NEAR!!
Coding is EVERYWHERE! Oh wait. You don't understand what I am talking about? "Coding" has lots of different definitions in different fields of learning. The definition I LOVE is this one I found in the Urban Dictionary. 
Coding - A term used as a substitute for "programming".
Joe: Hey Bill, what you up to? 
Bill: Just coding. 
Joe: You geek
Bill: Yep :\
Today was the first day students could sign up for the brand new "Coding" club. Registration began at 7:00:00 a.m. In that first SECOND of registration 46 Brassfield families signed up students. By 7:00:01 a.m. there were an additional 36 more families who had registered students to be in the Coding Club! WOW!!! That is crazy. There were only 25 spaces available. The Club will run for 12 weeks giving students in all tracks a full 8 weeks of "coding". 
As I was working with K, 1st and 2nd today I began teaching them all about Coding. We did a few "unplugged" activities to help them better understand how talking to a computer is different from talking to a human. Then we grabbed a device and starting coding. It was just that easy. Both K and 1st used iPad minis and Daisy the Dinosaur. They loved it! 2nd grade is using Kodable on the Chromebooks. This is a new curriculum that we are getting to pilot. The students are having "fuzzy" fun. Just ask them about it. After the winter break I will introduce 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to CSFirst - Google Coding. 
Last week at Convergence I completed a four hour training on using the resources on Code.org. It was so much fun. I can't wait to share that with teachers and students. 
Every other Tuesday night, from 9 - 10, I do a Twitter chat with a great bunch of innovative educators. Most are from NC but tonight there were folks from California in the chat. In fact, the moderator was from CA. This was the final question he put out there for us to respond to. 
Q7: What’s your elevator speech in 140 characters to someone on ‘why’ they should code w/kids - go?! #NCed
These are a few of my favorite responses. 
User Actions
Jayme Linton@jaymelinton

A7: Coding preps Ss for the real world, not just b/c of coding skills, but b/c of ability to learn through failure & persevere. #nced

User Actions
Lucas Gillispie@lucasgillispie

A7 - Coding is a language of creation.. It's the future. It's a mindset and a way of thinking. It empowers students #NCEd

A7:computers are everywhere and we need to understand the language. We teach for their future, not our present. #NCed

User Actions
Alicia Ray@iluveducating

A7: In the next 10 yrs, there will be 1.4 million jobs created in comp sci. 1 mil will not be filled. Let's change the stats. #nced @usnews

User Actions
Dayson Pasion@MrDpasion

A7. Coding is the language of problem solving. Coding is now, students need the skills learned through coding. #NCed

A7: coding provides a skill, an ability to adapt, and an opportunity to make yourself relevant in the world, no matter what profession #NCed

As we prepare for the #hourofcode here at Brassfield, think of it as preparing for the future.

November 9, 2015
I am really not sure how I missed the last month with no posts. Oh wait..... I was too busy to slow down!
Here are some Lego challenges I have completed with K and 1st grade. Students were given the 10 x 10 green board to create a story on. After building time was up, students were recorded as they told the story on their board. Great job guys.

Erin, Christue, Yismel

Embed gadget

Anna, Savannah, Jacob

Embed gadget

Iain, Dinara, Keel

Embed gadget

Cindy, Adrian, Alnah

Embed gadget

Yandel, Alexa, Sydney

Embed gadget

Logan, John Henry, Callie

Embed gadget

Alia, Reed

Embed gadget

Harper, Vanassa, Kylie

Embed gadget

Dax, Marlon, Sherlyn

Embed gadget

Ryan, Jason, Katherine

Embed gadget

Jack, Thomas, Allie

Embed gadget

Finley, June, Nia

Embed gadget

Janiyah, William, Ian

Embed gadget

Emilia, Luke, Hadley

Embed gadget

Cooper, Diana, Sophie

Embed gadget

Khualisiu, Sai, Owen

Embed gadget


Embed gadget

Vivian, Harper, Ijeron

Embed gadget

Drew, Alyssa, Bryce

Embed gadget

September 30
Taking Leaps!
October is a very busy month in the life of this Instructional Technology Facilitator. 
  • October 1 - District Wide ITF Meeting
  • October 3 - WakeEdCamp - Wake County's first Ed Camp Unconference
  • October 5 - November 13 - 2nd graders will be reading The Year of Billy Miller and 4th graders will be reading Fish in a Tree. This is part of the Global Read Al
  • October 6 - BYOD Meeting - Along with a team of 4 teachers I will be attending a meeting on how to integrate technology into lessons using the WCPSS TPACK model called XXXXXX Something like DAP but I forget the 4th letter. 
  • October 14 - 15 - Year Two begins with the North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaches Network (NCDLCN) My role this year is to be a mentor to first year members of NCDLCN.
  • October 19 - 23 - I track out. Fingers are crossed that my brand new grandson will be released from NICU at Duke so I can "hold baby" for the entire week!!!

September 23
Full Steam Ahead!
How have I not written a blog post in over a month. Jeezzz!
What I have been up to... other than write blog posts!

*4th Graders are hard at work on a Public Service Announcement to educate Brassfield. They have learned about Copyright and the many resources available on the Brassfield Weebly page. http://brassfieldlearningcommons.weebly.com/students.html Students read a very long article on Copyright, paraphrased and asked questions about it. They divided up the many resources on the Webbly and evaluated it's usefulness. The filming started yesterday. I am anxiously awaiting the finished products. 

August 14
Blogging about Spanish Speaking Countries in South America
5th graders have been writing blogs about Spanish speaking countries in South America since school started this year. They are doing a great job learning and writing about all they hear in each of the Specials Areas classes. In Music, Mr. Colon shares the different types of music and dance that are well known in each of the countries. In Art, Ms. Pakes shares the work of famous artist and students actually made molas and chanchitos! In PE, students learn from Mr. Flahive what the favorite sport is in that particular country. The Specials Areas Team makes teaching 5th graders a Team effort!!!
After weeks of writing blog posts that have to be approved by one of the Specials Areas teachers before classmates canview them... the time has come to open them up to the world. Please join us in reading and commenting on posts made by our 5th graders. We ask that you only complement or engage the students' in conversation. (We are really not concerning ourselves with conventions in writing in this assignment.)

These have been the rules for the posts:
  • Blogs are in a public space – be proud of anything that you write or postStudents are working very hard to do work they are proud of!
  • Do not post information or pictures of others without their permission. A good rule to follow ALWAYS on the WWW!
  • Be responsible when posting on the internet. Students know what is good inform. 
  • Write with full words and sentences – not mobile phone talk. Sometimes nothing works like LOL... but use it sparingly. 
  • Do not post anything about yourself that you would not like to see posted world wide. We have talked a lot about this!
  • NEVER post your full name or the full name of others: only first names or usernames.You will note on the blogs, no last names are posted and avatars replace faces.
  • NEVER post any details about where you might live:
    • “Hi I’m Jack and I live on 1234 Oak street in Cavetown, Nebraska” BAD!!!
    • “Hi I’m Jack and I live in Pennsylvania” GOOD!!!
  • NEVER post any information that may lead to your identity. Be careful of any information you reveal.
    • “I play soccer for the Lightning-my game’s at 7:30 this Saturday” BAD!!!
    • “I play soccer during the week” GOOD!!!
  • Always watch for inappropriate language – see your teacher if this occurs.Not only do they know NOT to do this, they also know to report it if they see it in a post made by someone else. 
  • Only write things that you would say to the nicest grandmother in the world! My favorite test!
  • Remember- anyone can write anything on the Internet. Don’t believe everything you read.
  • Remember – everything is checked before we publish it on our blog.
Now go do some reading. And please comment! 

When the students see your interest in what they are doing, it will send their writing to the moon! By having a greater audience than the teachers, or even fellow students, they will take their work to the next level. 
Click here to get there! And thanks... for caring about out students. 

July 22
Off to a Great Start
I am enjoying meeting this year's 3rd graders. Following our opening sessions we will begin to look at the components of Digital Citizenship. The first  topic is Online Safety. 
4th Grade is also starting off the year with Digital Citizenship. 5th Grade is hard at work on Blogs on Spanish Speaking countries. 

July 7, 2015 - Happy First Day of School 
What a start. Before I could turn around last year ended and this year began. To start the year I will be working with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. 
3rd grade will be learning about being a good citizen.... digital and real world!
4th grade will also be learning about good citizenship. 
5th grade is off to a BIG start with KidsBlog. As they learn about Spanish speaking countries of South America they will be blogging. They are doing a great job. After a few weeks of "practice" we will open these up for the world to see. Right now it is a closed community of just 5th grades, Special Areas teachers and 5th grade classroom teachers. 

June 30,2015 - The Last Day of School
As I sit here at my desk the last day of 2015-2016, the school is buzzing. Students are stopping by with gifts and one last hug. Parent volunteers are hard at work painting the Learning Commons. And the most excitement of the day was the Track 2, 3, and 4 Moving On Celebration this morning in the multipurpose room. Here is the part of the program that I put together.

5th Grade Tracks 2, 3, 4.m4v

Today was also the last BTV with the students who truly "taught me the ropes"! Please take the time to view their last effort. They put lots of thought into this for YOU. 

BTV Tuesday June 30 .m4v

The next few days without students will be a quick change for me. This is my first summer with year round school and am not really sure how all the change takes place in such a short amount of time. I will be attending workshops and learning opportunities. The new schedule for me will have me working directly with 4th and 5th graders. I will be preparing for six weeks with both of those grade levels. I will also be preparing for first experiences in the new MakerSpace. Gosh! So much to do and so little time to get it all accomplished. I better go to work!

Once last thing... The new BTV Crew was named and will begin work next week. I will be posting the schedule for those students in the next few days. Check back by if you need to know when you are to report for duty!


June 9, 2015 - Stop and Reflect, as you plan for the future
Yesterday I sat down with the 2015 - 2016 2nd Grade Team. I am very excited with the possibilities! More on that when the new year begins. 

I sometimes think my role here is misunderstood. The way I see it.... it is my job to match technology with the content and pedagogy selected by the teachers. (I LOVE ♥ TPACK) Saying it another way.... it is my job to move teachers up the ladder in SAMR. (I understand that technology is not the answer to everything.. but use what we have the best way we can.) I heard at my ITF meeting a few weeks ago that my job is to "think outside the box". That, I feel, I am capable of doing 100% of the time. My role should have a place in the planning of lessons, not just expressing through technology what has been accomplished. (I love doing that, however, because it gives me time to work with your kids!)

As we get closer to the new year, I am formulating my "new year resolutions". 
  • I want a more active role in planning and implementing lessons across grade levels and content.
  • I want to show teachers how the use of technology can make their students grow in ways they have not considered.
  • I want to accomplish great things with all grade levels and in all content areas. (Wishes, big dreams, outrageously attainable goals!)
I have not even mentioned the Maker Space. With the $3000, I hope to provide lots of tools to make and tinker for our students. I hope the plan becomes clearer and we can plan on those experiences for all grade levels. It is still a dream hanging just out of reach to me. I need to see concrete work. I can't wait to begin the photos showing it grow and change.

June 4, 2015 - Moving On take 1
Big News of the Week - Track 1 5th Graders have Moved on!
Here is the video of T1 Students telling how they plan to "Make a Difference in the World" 

YouTube Video

The faculty and staff made a cameo appearance at the celebration. http://bit.ly/1eRCTTZ
The T1 students rocked the house. Just watch. http://bit.ly/1KcVt4X

More wonderful work! Here are a few more Book Talks.
 2nd Graders - Ms. Fanning http://nicertube.com/
                           Ms. Crump http://nicertube.com/
4th Grade - Ms. Koester's 

If you are looking for ways to help develop our MakerSpace here at Brassfield for next year check out the Imagine It! Plan It! Make It! Part 1 on Donor Choose. Imagine It! Plan It! and Make It! Part 2 will be posted soon. (It is for a 3D Printer.)

May 26, 2015 - Woo Hoo!!!~ I LOVE ♥ winning grants!!!
 I just learned that we received $3000 from Wake Education Partnership. That will go a long way in purchasing supplies for the MakerSpace. If you are looking for ways to help I have a project on DonorChoose that will also go to MakerSpace. One kit is to build Marble walls and the other is to build roller coasters. As the MakerSpace becomes reality there will be a blog posted showing and telling what is going on in that space. My challenge to faculty, staff, students and parents is to give me guest blog posts to make a post for 365 days in a row! Ready, get set......

Students in 5th grade are winding down their activities in Scratch. Working with CS-First is like living in Beta. There have been new themes added so as students finish up their theme... they are checking out the new themes. I have been so pleased with how engaging this has been for students. Looking ahead, I hope to give next year's 5th grade students time to explore Scratch too.

May 15, 2015 - Nearing the End
End of Year projects are being created. Track 1 5th Grade Moving Up Movie is going to be fabulous. Fifth graders are the students on campus I know best because I am have been teaching their Exploration time since I arrived on campus in January. We have worked on Scratch Programing from CS-First. With still a few weeks left to complete those tasks, students are finding it very engaging. I hope they land in middle schools where programming is taught on a higher level. 
5th graders are also finishing up their Powtoon - Mi Amigo/Amiga Projects. Here is the current list of completed projects: 

Allen.Jacob http://safeshare.tv/w/BNNvozBysF

Allen.Mia - http://safeshare.tv/w/znASKkIUVD

Allen.Liam - http://safeshare.tv/w/TsjGczcfZw

Allen.Jacob http://safeshare.tv/w/fsSmeZvYnn

Allen.Jamie http://safeshare.tv/w/aGQyYAuIgb

Allen.Sabrina http://safeshare.tv/w/wVBlllUuhJ

Allen.Callie http://safeshare.tv/w/uKlBHjbbgX

Allen.Jackson http://safeshare.tv/w/ojzfMkcmlC

Allen.Daniel http://safeshare.tv/w/eOkXdUryMT

Allen.Sarah http://safeshare.tv/w/HlPugRNIQq

Kessler.Sydney http://safeshare.tv/w/dAchQURTsI

Kessler.Mary Blake http://safeshare.tv/w/crYAkvziQs

Kessler.Maddy http://safeshare.tv/w/fIguhjtJJz

Kessler.Joe http://safeshare.tv/w/ShplDNxXcv

Kessler.Jack http://safeshare.tv/w/zBWkrxpDGx

Kessler.Allie http://safeshare.tv/w/oyaAFsQaPE

Kessler.Megan http://safeshare.tv/w/kDBmTsmXXc

Kessler.Tito http://safeshare.tv/w/DFjpsFHvEv

Kessler.Chris http://safeshare.tv/w/sCMkzFeOJg

Graf.Megan http://safeshare.tv/w/CTVcSruWFh

Topoll.Sarah http://safeshare.tv/w/fEbNiphVyk

Ms. Koester's Book Trailers are amazing. Here are the two we have completed. (Tech tools: Greenscreen, iPad minis)
Hope to finish those up in the coming weeks.

BTV Applications will be handed out next week. All 4th graders have the chance to apply. I will be meeting with 4th graders in the coming weeks during Exploration time to share "What BTV is all about!"

April 22, 2015 - The Work of the Week

In Spanish, 5th graders are interviewing friends, writing a script, creating a Powtoon slide show and doing a voice over in SPANISH. Check out these first to finish in Ms. Kessler's class. Sydney http://safeshare.tv/w/dAchQURTsI

Ms. Fanning's students are learning to write "Opinion" pieces. She has given them a book to read and then asked they give their "opinion" on the book. I have completed a few and want to share those to inspire the others. http://safeshare.tv/w/higRgpkzUR (Tech Tools: iPad minis, GreenScreen Do Ink app)

When I asked for poetry to celebrate National Poetry Month I had no idea how many of you would be so willing to share. Here are a few of those segments we have added to BTV over the past few weeks....with more to come!
4th Grade RTA Poetry http://safeshare.tv/w/QaqYGgTHNZ (Tech Tools: iPad mini, GreenScreen Do Ink app)
Ms. Frick's Caden and Lila http://safeshare.tv/w/khMCtzyHCd (Tech Tools: iPad mini)
3rd Graders Elizabeth and Julia http://safeshare.tv/w/laITtQlTrO (Tech Tools: iPad mini)
Students of Ms. Kardas http://safeshare.tv/w/DCvduYQiip (Tech Tools: iPad mini)

April 14, 2015 Running Full Throttle
It seems that since NCTIES I have not slowed down! 

Work with 4th grade over the past few months - Books Trailers on "Sadaku and the Thousand Paper Cranes" and "Sign of the Beaver". (Tech Tools: iPad mini and GreenScreen Do Ink app)
                The complete list.

Ms. Crump's students and the Stuart Little Project (Tech Tools: Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education-Drive, this Google Site, NoveList K - 8 on NCWiseOwl, Destiny Quest on Destiny, iPad mini, and GreenScreen Do Ink app)

3rd Grade has jumped in the deep end of Research using the eWISE Model. Ms. Harkey and I are learning just as much as the students. After days of WONDERING, we are now INVESTIGATING! Synthesize next and finally, students will Express what they have learned. (Tech Tools: Chromebooks, on NCWiseOwl - Britannica, Nettrekker, PebbleGo)

In the coming weeks the plan for the MakerSpace will begin to take shape on campus here at Brassfield. It is our plan to roll it out when the new school year begins. I met with a great group of teachers last Friday during the EdCamp style PD session. The excitement was infectious. Don't forget to send me your ideas of ways your grade level will be able to utilize the Spaces. On April 15 we have Nathan Stevens from NCState will be joining Ms. MacWilliams, Mr. Shillings and me to help with the plan. This is all very exciting to me.  

March 13, 2015 Post-NCTIES North Carolina Technology in Education Society
(aka The Place I Always Go to Feel Normal!)

My two and a half days spent with my NCDLCN buddies and attending sessions at NCTIES were the MOST fun! I learned so many new tools and great ideas. It always takes me just a little time to "digest" it or "let it marinate". What follows are my thoughts on how I will take what I have learned and move forward with it.

At NCDLCN we did "un-Conference" sessions. I attended three - Support and Culture, Pedagogy & Lesson Design, and PD. The greatest take-away was that very few ITFs across the state do PD sessions with the entire staff. The majority of the coaches that I talked with prefer working in small groups or one-on-one. The need for building the "culture" at Brassfield is not really a problem. With the strong Admin support in the use of technology, I feel we are already moving in the right direction. So many teachers are using technology at a high level on the SAMR Model scale.

Several sessions I attended were on methods of doing PD. My favorite, with Lucas Gillispie @lucasgillispie , was titled "Epic Academy".  He creates quest to be accomplished by teachers. It is, in his words, a quest-based learning approach.  After completing the quests, that build in difficulty, teachers receive a badge. There are opportunities to gain Achievement badges along the way. The list of quests is ever growing.  Another session that goes along with this was 'What is your Apptitude." These teachers from Rowan-Salisbury Schools have their own take on the App Challenge. They place posters outside of classroom doors where teachers show the badges they have received for meeting the challenges on various task. It looks like an iPad with little apps added for the accomplishments. 
The greatest element of this type of PD is that teachers can accomplish the task of learning and applying new knowledge in the time and place of their choosing. Saturday morning with a cup of coffee with your PJs still on or while they are tracked out sitting by the pool. (A safe distance from the pool of course!)

Maker Space was my other topic of interest at NCTIES 2015! My vision of a Maker Space at Brassfield is becoming clearer. There will be an area for very simple elements like paper crafting, leggos, origami, design your dream home. It will also have a Digital area where students will access HourofCode.org, Storybird, BrickBuilding, and more.  Makey Makeys and eventually a 3D printer will give us plenty of options. As I develop the idea more... and get suggestions from others, I will share out my vision. Hopefully this will be in place when the next school year begins!

My homework from the event is to read Steal Like an Artist. When I next meet with my NCDLCN buddies we will discuss this book. What a perfect inspiration as I plan a MakerSpace for #Brassfield.

What makes me happiest is hearing how my colleagues are using what they learned at NCTIES. Kahoot use is at a record high this week! Who would have thought of walking students through the process of blogging by beginning with paper and stand-up conversations. Getting the students to "weed the library"? Seriously? What brilliant teachers we have at Brassfield. I can't wait to see what they do next. 

February 23, 2015 Time flies when you are bundled up in blankets....
The two weeks we were home due to the snow are a foggy memory this morning. The snow is almost gone and today is suppose to be in the upper 70s. Woo Hoo!

When we have been at school, work continues. Working with Ms. Mayer's 4th graders on Book Trailers has been fun. (All future BTV anchors and editors I am sure.)
Here are those for you to see. 

Trey, Chase and Jacob http://safeshare.tv/w/TuyJTFvAxN

Joshua, Timothy and Max http://safeshare.tv/w/MRtBtYnujv

Danny, Lilly and Payton http://safeshare.tv/w/JgmTnciEUE

Emma, Parker and Samantha http://safeshare.tv/w/ebyHTqlTTk

Hadley, Lilly and Izzy http://safeshare.tv/w/GFFvLIusKa

Freya, Abby and Sydney http://safeshare.tv/w/CyeiQNVOjj

Grace, Antonio and Travis http://safeshare.tv/w/pUDoKLTBui

Today I am off to NCTIES - North Carolina Technology in Education Society. I am sure to have so much to share when I return on Monday. The Convention Center will be crawling with "Geeks" for the next two days. 

February 12, 2015 Teachers as Learners

Into my second month here at BES, I am the biggest student on campus. So many of you are doing such great lessons in your classrooms. I am in overload as I try to catch a glimpse into all grade levels. Please share with me the lessons you are doing so that I might encourage your teammates to try some of the same things.

Big Universe changed the way it looks this week. If I can help you with that please let me know. I can create a shelf full of books from a particular genre, theme, or Lexile level, Fiction/non-Fiction, if they have a quiz or not, and Standards. It will be a shelf created in a student account with a telling name like Brassfield Spanish. Then you will "find" the "Friend" and can add books to YOUR shelf. Let me do some of the work for you. Email me your wish list.
February 2, 2015 - A Welcoming Place

My first month here at Brassfield Elementary School has blown by like the Old North Wind outside the school building today. My mind is over-flowing with possibilities for collaboration here. Many of the teachers here are ahead of the curve, already very immersed in technology integration. While I am still learning names, grades and harder still -  which track they work, I am also hearing of previous work with  the former Instructional Technology Facilitator. (ITF). Hats off to you Jean Monroe. You have paved a smooth landing for me.

I am so please to already post great reports of work. 
In 5th grade the word is Scratch! Students have chosen from five themes, Art, Fashion, Music and Sound, Storytelling and Gaming, and are learning their way through the world of coding. 
So far I can report that it is a great exercise in problem solving, collaboration and creativity... for both the students and me. I will post more as we work through the eight days of coding. 
The students are very engaged in the process and are enjoying the work!

BTV has been a blast!
The first crew did a great job of teaching me the way BTV works. They were so helpful to me with filming, editing, writing the scripts, and being professional newscasters. I will forever be indebted to Ryan, Gabby, Lula, Jack, Ashleigh, Taylor, Karishma and Sarah. Thanks guys!

With 3rd grade,  Ms. Emerson and Ms. Masteller, the students and I created an iMovie of "Fluent Readers". They were recorded reading poems that had been practiced and illustrated. Here are the links to those wonderful works of art!

I would like to thank the faculty and staff for making me feel like I am already a part of the family here at Brassfield. You are a great group of educators. 
Stay posted for more work samples along with the journey... as I learn the ropes.

learn the ropes :

to understand how to do a particular job or activity It'll take some time for the new receptionist to learn the ropes.Usage notes: sometimes used in the forms know the ropes (to understand how something is done) and show someone the ropes or teach someone the ropes (to teach someone how something is done)You'd better find someone to show you the ropes if you're going to fix the car yourself.
Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2003. Reproduced with permission.