Student Resources

Mrs. McAlonen-Media Specialist

Email with any questions!

If you are interested in joining Google Classrooms for the AMS Newspaper or battle of the Books, email Mrs. McAlonen for the codes.

Click below for a tutorial on how to check out books during remote learning.

Book Checkout!

Apex Middle School Homepage — Go to the WakeID icon and login screen.

Wake County Public Schools-Remote Learning Resources

Click here for supplemental resources recommended by Wake County for online learning.

If your family needs technology support, please visit this link. This is Wake County's technology help page for parents and students.

If you still need assistance, contact the Remote Learning Help Desk at or call 919-694-8100 (Interpreters available).

Wake County Tech Guides for online learning.

Wake County Public Libraries

Here is a link to get your temporary public library card online. Your card will be good for 60 days. You will have access to the library's digital resources such as ebooks, audiobooks, and databases.

Once the public library reopens-Here is a link to information on how to obtain a Wake County Public Library card in person. The card gives you access to thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, and access to databases for research. You must have a library card to use the computers at a public library. Parents must go and show their identification to get a card. It is FREE to all Wake County residents.

FREE Ebooks and Audiobooks

Go to Destiny Discover (our school's book and ebook collection) on the page entitled Cougar Curbside Pick up/Drop off.

Get Epic-Parents can start an account for free!

Project Gutenberg-has thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks and tons of classic novels also!

Loyal Books

International Children's Digital Library

Unite for Literacy (mainly elementary/easier reading)

Storyline Online (elementary/books read to you in videos)

Don’t forget Discovery Education on the portal. Better for audiobooks and videos than ebooks.

Here is a link to our school newspaper, The Peak Post, Edition One.

Here is link to the second edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the third edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the fourth edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the fifth edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the sixth edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the seventh edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link the to the eighth edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the ninth edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the tenth edition of The Peak Post!

Here is the link to the eleventh edition of The Peak Post.

Please scroll to see student information pertaining to Outlook (E-Mail), Discovery Education, etc.

Destiny (Online Library Catalog Search)

Go to to search our school's print resources, digital resources, and to check your library account.

Access resources in the Destiny Discover Collections tab such as NCWiseOwl and other databases provided by Wake County Public Schools.

Username: WakeID (first part of e-mail address)

Password: Student Number

Student E-Mail Accounts (Outlook) and Google-Part of WakeID Portal

Go to the Apex Middle School homepage. Click the icon the for WakeID or go to

-Students under age 13 are not legally allowed to create e-mail accounts with providers such as Google (G-Mail) and Hotmail.

-Provides transparent communication between teachers and students.

-Allows intervention and investigations into e-mail harassment and cyberbullying.

-E-mail addresses are required for PowerSchool, Google Apps, and other programs used for classes.

    • Your username should be your first and middle initials and last name. Passwords can be reset by Mrs. McAlonen or your teacher. Your username does not have to be all capitals!

      • Example: Username: dfmcalonen

      • Password: 12ab3cd

    • Your actual e-mail address would be:

Home Base/PowerSchool/NcEdCloud Accounts Now part of the Portal

        • Use Google Chrome or Firefox and log into your WakeID portal. Choose the Home Base icon and then put in your student number as your username. See Mrs. McAlonen if you have problems logging in.

    • Students need their own PowerSchool account to register for classes.

Discovery Education

        • Discovery Education is now accessible on the WakeID portal. Log in and look for the Discovery Education icon.


      • Reliable up-to-date information for research including online encyclopedias. You do not need a password at school. If using at home, there is a password you will need. Go to the media center and acquire a bookmark with the password.

UNC-TV Schedule for At-Home Learning

Go here to see the weekly schedule. The programs are chosen specifically for your grade level.

Here are options for places to watch the programs-on TV or online-whichever is best for you!

MLA and Other Citation Formats

Use Citation Machine to help you cite your sources. Here is the link:

You can plug in the information or use their guide to help create a bibliography.

Digital Resources

Virtual Museum Tours-Bound to Stay Bound Provides these resources from The British Museum, Guggenheim, National Museum of Art, etc.

Click here.

North Carolina History Museum-Beyond the Exhibits

Follow this link for online learning by the NC Museum of History. You do not have to register for anything-click around to find podcasts, etc. on different historical time periods.

Wake County Recycling Guide

Click here for a list of approved recycling materials. Also, contact your waste pickup service to see what can be placed in your home recycling bins!

Video: The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle

Click this link to a TEDEd video on how a bottle can be recycled.

The North Carolina Museum of History

Here is a link to A Change is Gonna Come: Black, Indian, and White Voices for Racial Equality from

Here is a link to digital resources listed on the NC History Museum site. Use this to find other links to resources from the state library, ECU, UNCG, North Carolina Archives, and many others!

North Carolina's Civil Rights Trail

Follow the link to see North Carolina's involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

United States Civil Rights Trail

Here is a link to a timeline of events outlining the Civil Rights Movement.

Podcast Links

This link is to an NPR FRESH AIR episode featuring historian David Blight and his new biography about Frederick Douglass.

Here is a link to episode 1 of Frederick Douglass Landing-Created by the New York Historical Society. It is a video podcast.

As a slave on the run traveling under false papers from a free black sailor, Frederick Douglass arrived at the Hudson River end of Chambers Street. This is the first location of this New-York Historical Society tour.

You can watch the other episodes on YouTube.

Here is a link to download the audiobook for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.

8th Grade EL Module 3, Unit 1 Vocabulary Quizlet

Click below to practice 48 terms for the unit.