Welcome to the WCPS Instructional Technology Page!  The role of the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) is to assist teachers with the integration of technology into classroom instruction.  We do this by researching digital educational tools, team teaching, coaching, modeling, providing workshops and training to teachers.  We want to make sure your educational and instructional technology needs are met so please feel free to invite us into your classroom to discuss a few ideas to help us work with you to determine what is best for your students.

Our Instructional Technology Team
 ITRT School(s)
Dawn Catlett
ext. 42162
Heather Lupton 
ext. 49130
Doug Stefnoski
ext. 43149
 Sarah Putnam
ext. 44193
WCHS / Diversified Minds
Sarah Stelzl 
ext. 31122
SHS / Brighter Futures
Amy Lelito
ext. 35230

Your ITRT is Here to Help!

Plans for the Future  
As a district we would like to move toward a 1:1 (student to computer) ratio. This will help provide the opportunity for students to obtain the resources and knowledge to become successful citizens of our modern age once they graduate.  You may have noticed ITRT's have recently begun to focus on the tools provided by Google Suite for Education (G Suite).  Through research and collaboration with similar local school districts, we believe these tools will allow us to provide a foundation to build a 1:1 program upon due to the ease of collaboration, compatibility across several platforms and administrative control of student accounts.

As with any initiative, plans will need to be adjusted as we continue to pilot programs and work out details.  We appreciate all that you do for our students at Warren County and I look forward to continuing on our journey as we learn and grow as a community of educators with students and student learning as our focus.


Timothy Grant
Director of Technology
Warren County Public Schools
Phone: 540-635-2171 ext# 34248     

Technology Professional Development

We will continue to offer professional development to assist teachers and administrators in the practical use of G Suite.  Beginning in the school year 2014- 2015 we began offering professional development to teachers willing to try G Suite in their classroom.  Many of our teachers have experienced great success with using G Suite in their classroom.  The following are examples of our current and future opportunities involving G Suite in our classrooms:

  • One one one coaching sessions. These sessions are on a variety of G Suite topics and built to meet teacher and student needs. You may sign-up on My Learning Plan.

  • G Suite teacher certifications through our Google/ LFCC Cohort

  • Google Summits offered through Ed Tech

  • Local Google Mini Summits in collaboration with Shenandoah County

  • Googlepalooza offered through the Google/ LFCC Cohort

  • Graduate level courses through EMU pertaining to using G Suite in the classroom

  • 7 week long summer course offered by our ITRT/ G Suite certified teachers focused on using G Suite in the classroom.

  • Visits to school districts that are effectively using 1:1 programs in their schools.