Upcoming Theatre Productions 2018

Middle School Musical 7th-9th
-Music Man Jr. 
 Production Friday, January 12  7:00 pm
                  Saturday January 13   7:00 pm
                           Main Stage Theatre

-The Wiz 
Auditions Thurs - Fri- January 18-19
Production Thursday, April 12  7:00 pm
                  Friday, April 13   7:00 pm
                  Saturday, April 14   7:00 pm
                       -Main Stage Theatre - 

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7th & 8th grade plays
2013 - All's Faire   http://youtu.be/0aSByYxghCg
2013 - The Goblins and the Gravedigger   http://youtu.be/2xUCP1flH-M
2014 - The Stone in the Road  http://youtu.be/w4hKTQUhWnQ
2015 - The Boors https://youtu.be/sPMkojfb5jk
2015 - Princess https://youtu.be/VOkbKniMFE
2015  - The Frog Prince hppts://youtu.be/7bwlALf057A
2015 - Three Goats https://youtu.be/Hr4o1IcEaOc
2015 - What a Howl - https://youtu.be/pdd983X6UPY
2016 - Tori and Grace - https://youtu.be/hXKtN50_xgA
         - Aiden, Patrick, Toby and Henry - https://youtu.be/ysaOcAjjKuA
         - Graham, Nick, Isaac - https://youtu.be/mVt9KRvTJPo
         - MacKenzie, Nina, Alyssa, Madison - https://youtu.be/udW6oSgNjck
         - Izzy, Natalie, Sophia, Maggie - https://youtu.be/KtOz7RMQb_c

Drama 1 play

2017 - Snow White's Bad Day https://youtu.be/V2EEmjOtelA

Advanced Improv Team 

Spooktactular 2017

Advanced Improv kicked off its Spooktactular Halloween 
show with this medley of Halloween favorites.

YouTube Video

Upcoming Shows 2018

Jan 26
Feb 23
March 2 (possibly)
March 16
April 20 
May 18 Past Present Future show

Doors open in the Black Box Theatre at 6:30 PM

Show Starts at 7:00 PM           Free Admission!

YouTube Video

Alumni Improv and Theatre  

Alumni Improv Shows 2017-18
March 9

Doors open in the Black Box Theatre at 6:30 PM

Show Starts at 7:00 PM           Free Admission!

Drama Club is the support group for all our productions and is involved in choosing plays for the coming year.
Drama Club is open to all students who are interested in the theatre.
To become a full voting member, students must be involved with three major school productions; at least one of which must be a speaking role. (the other two may also include support roles like chorus, AV, or stage managing.) Please fill out the forms in the Drama office to record your involvement.

Drama Club responsibilities include holding Boot Camp seminars before auditions, coaching students through their auditions, and organizing the auditions.  During Westminster productions we sell tickets, usher, promote the show and provide backstage support.  We also host a Middle School Improv club that meets on Thursdays after school.

Besides our official duties, we get together for fun performance events!  
Please click our link to see the schedule of activities for this school year.
-or contact Mrs. Scott, Kyle Farrell, Cole Hintz or Hanna Eisenbath for more information.