Within the last few decades Dakar, Senegal has expanded at a high rate and become a bustling city with more than 2 million citizens. Many people have left their villages hoping to find a better life in the capital. Yet few find a job, and many times whole families end up sharing a small room and paying a high rent. The government does provide public health care, but it is of poor quality and most people cannot afford prescription medications.

Senegal's population is 92% Muslim, yet mostly tolerant to other religions. In the midst of such spiritual and physical need, the 'House of Hope' (a medical-dental clinic) opened its doors thirteen years ago, and since then people have been lining up from early in the morning to benefit from its services. 

The medical team, with twenty-some Senegalese workers and three YWAM missionaries, treats between 120 and 200 patients daily. Adults and children come for general consultations and can also buy low cost generic medications. There is a laboratory which provides basic lab tests. Many people also go to the clinic to receive treatment for wounds, abscesses, etc. The clinic puts a great deal of emphasis on preventative health care through prenatal visits, vaccinations, regular weighing of pediatric patients, and daily health teachings. 
Once a week, malnourished babies and small children are weighed and receive according to their need milk powder and cereal. Their mothers receive teaching about good nutrition. Many of these children improve within just a few weeks. The dental team also treats nearly 45 patients daily.


The goal of the House of Hope is to provide medical help in this predominantly Muslim region of Senegal, while showing the love of God and sharing the Gospel with those interested.

Disease, Health and Nutrition, Poverty

Child Health, Maternal Health

In addition to the twenty or so Senegalese workers and three YWAM missionaries, there are two Senegalese nurses, who perform consultations. Most Senegalese workers have been trained at the clinic, and many have gone on to get nursing training. An American physician assumes the direction of this ministry, and there is an evangelist available every morning to talk with and pray for those patients who show an openness to the Gospel.

STAFF NEEDS- updated Jan 21st, 2009
Medical doctor (long term) - A General Practice Doctor, Pediatrician and/or Gynecologist.
Job Description:
- responsible for medical consultations
- overseeing the consultations of our Senegalese nurses
- intervention in case of a medical emergency
- representing the clinic as a chief doctor
- possibly involved with the spiritual side of the work
- if necessary intervening in medical emergency at the dental unit

Dentist (long or short term) - The dental work is very basic compared to Western standard, but we have a well equipped dental chair
Job Description:
- overseeing the work of our local Senegalese dental workers doing mostly extraction (who are well trained, but have no diploma)
- doing fillings, root canals, and sometimes extractions
Administrator (long-term)- Up until now this job has been filled by a nurse
Job Description:
- overseeing Personnel
- overseeing bookkeeping and finances
- ordering medical material and overseeing stock
- correspondence
- overseeing the general functionning of the clinic (some medical background would be helpful)
- dealing with administration common to NGO
- representing the clinic administratively before government authorities
- the person would not necessarily need specific training in administration, but be gifted in organisation, know to work on a computer and willing to learn

Nurse (long term) - responsibilities vary based on giftings
Job Description:
- overseeing medical staff
- doing consultations
- beeing involved in administration
- keep track of pharmacy and medical material stock
- involved in health education and preventative care

All need to be French speaking or willing to learn and open to learn the local language.
If you are interest in learning more information about the ministries, how you can become staff or contribute in some other way please contact Beatrice Marceau (jemseneg@orange.sn) or Gary Tissingh (garryt@gosahara.org). 

Are you a team looking for ways to get involved for a few weeks during summer break or over the holidays?

Centre Médico-Social Keru Yakarr is looking for short-term teams who could come work in their Community Development Center. This center works with the local children, ages 6-15 years old, teaching them sports, arts, games, language etc. The team's work would be adapted to their giftings. The Centre prefers smaller teams of about 3-8 people. In this case accommodation could be easily organised.


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