Mrs. Ondreja Turner
Mrs. Turner joined the WCA Speech/Debate coaching staff in 2016. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English-Language Arts from Auburn University at Montgomery where she studied communication, drama, literature, and English grammar.  She participated in competitive speech and debate in both middle school and high school.  She is the 1988 Kentucky High School Speech League Oratorical Declamation State Champion. She also competed in Duo Acting and Dramatic Interpretation.  She is excited to use the communication and drama side of her degree as she coaches students in the individual Public Speaking and Interpretation events.  

Mrs. Crystal Miller
Mrs. Miller joined the WCA Speech/Debate coaching staff in 2017.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication & Theater Education from West Texas State University where she studied communication, drama and literature.  She participated in competitive speech and theater in high school and earned a best supporting actress award.   She has coached and judged both speech and debate events and is proud that many of her former students are award-winning debaters and now compete on the college level.   She is excited to join the WCA Speech/Debate staff and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with the team.  

2017-2018 Team Members
Erykah Jenkins, Senior
Angela Jin, Junior
Rebecca Johnson, Senior
Zoe Landers, Senior
Henry Lynn, Senior
Ben McFarland, Junior
Emily Peyton, Senior
Garrett Reynolds, Sophomore
Emily Sellers,Senior
Katie Suggs, Sophomore
Christine Thompson, Senior
Gentry Waller, Junior
Haden Wilson, Senior
Patrick Younes, Senior

The WCA Speech and Debate team had an outstanding competition season for the 2016-2017 school year.  We had 13 students who competed in 8 tournaments over the year.  Students won awards in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Program of Oral Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Original Oratory.  We had students place in the top 5 in four tournaments and had three students selected to represent the state of Alabama at the National Speech and Debate Association’s 2017 National Speech & Debate Tournament this Summer.  Students invited to compete in the national tournament represent the top 3% of speech and debate students in the nation! This was WCA’s first appearance at the National Tournament.  

Congratulations to Erykah Jenkins, Zoe Landers, and Christine Thompson for representing the state of Alabama at the National Speech and Debate Association's 2018  National Tournament! This is the second year they have been selected to compete at Nationals! 

Congratulations to the following students for earning new levels in the National Speech and Debate Honor Society. Students earn points by competing or by performing a service, like giving a public speech, coaching, or judging.  

The degree of Merit (25 points or more):
        • Katie Suggs
        • Garrett Reynolds
        • Patrick Younes
The degree of Honor (75 points or more)
        • Erykah Jenkins
        • Zoe Landers
        • Emily Peyton
        • Haden Wilson
The degree of Excellence (150 points or more)
        • Rebecca Johnson
        • Henry Lynn
        • Emily Sellers
The degree of Distinction (250 points or more)
        • Christine Thompson