Edition 7

Deadly Du Plessis demolishes all!
(To raise cash for Comic Relief!)

WELL, what a day! Going round the school in the morning it seemed to be like any other mufti day with an array of different clothes, most students wore jeans
and t-shirts. However, as I entered the street, I saw the senior prefect team, going the whole hog, quite literally wearing something funny for money.

We had cricketers, Mexicans, cowboys and so many more. In the end I felt like we could have been anywhere in the world from one hour to another seeing more and more of the senior prefect team.By the time break arrived I thought I’d seen it all and was now feeling used to this array of costumes, however, nothing could have set me up for seeing Josh Perry in his Tweety Pie outfit serving slushies, standing next to Billie Johnson dressed up as a chilli pepper.

Also going round the hall I saw Jack Rans with a massive jar of sweets and for a pound and the correct weight, I could win it. I guessed at 2,900 grams and was told I was the closest yet, though looking at the sheet I realised that there only four other names and this would be full by the end of the day, so my chances were not good, to say the very least.

Anyway, the bell then rang to signify wet break so most people flooded into the hall. A whole sense of community spirit was felt, as everyone came together, which is really what comic relief is all
about, the unity of the world, for a better standard of living for all. When lunchtime rolled up, there seemed to be an air of excitement and anticipation, as everyon was excited about the Human Demolition taking place inside the sports hall. Eight teachers, one from each house, stepped up to the mark, in their own costumes and each having their own nicknames.

These were:
` ‘Braveheart’ MacKay,
` He Man Griffiths
` Crazy Horse Allan
` Magic Man Johnson
` The Cat Furness
` Bird Butcher Du Plessis
` Man Friday Stromdale
` Power Van Der Merwe

Four teachers at a time could battle each other, taking great skill and balance to purely be able to stand up on their podiums, let alone push a punch bag with force to attempt to knock off the other three. The two teachers from each of the two rounds (four in all), who fell first went through to the losers round. The two from each heat who won went through to the final and stood a chance of being champion.

Each competitor did a lap of the demolition zone to encourage the crowd. However, The Bird Butcher did something rather unexpected. With physics on his side, Mr Man Friday of Woodland house won his first game and went through to the final and Magic Man Johnson also won his heat.

This meant that Man Friday, Crazy Horse Allan, Magic Man Johnson and Bird Butcher Du Plessis all went through to the final, with the other teachers in the losers final. However in the main final, the teachers were fighting well. Crazy Horse and Magic Man went out early on, leaving Man Friday and Bird Butcher to battle it out together for first place.

They had to resort to jumping from podium to podium, which didn’t work, so the referee, Mr Dyson had to restart the match and had a word with them. This must have had the desired effect, as after restarting, they were off, jumping from podium to podium, which resulted in Man Friday falling off and Bird Butcher Du Plessis of Warwick house winning.

The result was that everybody left the sports hall with a smile on their face, comic relief truly had by all.

by George Peryer