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Middle School

Mrs. Jennifer Poirot, Dean of Students
Ms Machell Croyle, Office Secretary

Cultural Diversity Committee


The Wolf Branch Cultural Diversity Committee will meet on Tuesday, January 12 at 3:00 p.m. in the Wolf Branch Middle School Media Center.  Once again, we are fortunate to partner with the Center for Racial Harmony on this committee and we appreciate their efforts and leadership in these endeavors. 

The committee will continue to provide the District with input regarding strategies for: 1) preventing harassment; 2) ensuring that District students understand their rights to be protected from discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin, including harassment, as well as retaliation for reporting discrimination; and 3) ensuring students understand how to report possible violations of board policies, and to make them aware of the District’s obligation to promptly and effectively respond to complaints alleging race, color or national origin discrimination, including harassment.  The Committee is also planning a Multi-Cultural Night for the spring.  As always, the committee welcomes input or concerns from the school community.  Contact Jeff Burkett at 277.2100 if you have input.