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6th, 7th and 8th Grade Band Students
During the 2017-2018 school year, 6th, 7th and 8th grade band will take place during encores on Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the school year.  Below I have listed the band schedule for the year, as well as the what encores will be offered per grade level.  Encores continue to receive a pass/fail grade.  The band students that only attend on Tuesdays and Thursday will only receive grades for the work assigned and tested on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

6th, 7th and 8th grade students will no longer be pulled out of class for extra lessons.

6th hour is 6th Grade Encores
(All 6th Grade Band Students will report immediately to the band room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during 6th period)
           - 6th Grade Encores include: art, technology, health and public speaking (a different encore class each semester)

7th hour is 7th Grade Encores (All 7th Grade Band Students will report immediately to the band room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during 7th period)
           - 7th Grade Encores include: art, technology, health and science-measurement (a different encore class each semester)

8th hour is 8th Grade Encores 
(All 8th Grade Band Students will report immediately to the band room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during 6th period)
           - 8th Grade Encores include: art, technology, health and public speaking (a different encore class each semester)

5th Grade Band students will be pulled out of class as they were in 4th grade.  I will communicate with the 5th grade teachers on academic progress to see what classes I am able to pull from.  I typically do not pull from P.E. and math.  Scheduled will be posted during the first full week of school.

JAZZ BAND....................TBA (schedule depending on interest)
(schedule depending on interest)
ROCK BAND...................TBA (schedule depending on interest)


Wednesday, August 16 - 1st day of student attendance (early dismissal 2:10)
Saturday, August  26            GCS Ballpark  ~  Grizzlie Bear BLVD.    ~   Sauget, IL  62206

       8am............all band students arrive at  GCS Ballpark.
                          -  make sure your music is in a binder and the music is in plastic page protectors (so the music doesn't blow away.  Make sure your binder
                             isn't too heavy so that the flimsy wire stand will hold it.)
                          -  Wear any Wolf Branch attire.  Paint your hair WB blue, paint your face and wear crazy Wolf Branch attire.  Have fun!!!      
                          -  Only large instruments will have a seat.  All other students will perform standing. (Tuba, Baritones, Bass Clarinets, French horns, bari sax                              will sit)
                          -  All non-performers attending this event must purchase a ticket from Mr. Seel/Mr. Knolhoff for $4. (Performing band students and children
                             under the age  of 4 years old are free.) 
       8:40am.........The band will play a couple pieces of music before the game starts.
       9am..............WB boys baseball team plays Smithton
       10:40ish........The band will perform before the girls softball game (students are dismissed after this performance)
       11am............WB girls softball team plays Smithton
                           (Parents volunteers are needed to haul equipment.  Percussion families need to be available to help with equipment!)

Excused Absences from the Grizzlie Stadium Performance:
Julia Wilcox
Nick Miller

Monday, September 4 - No School, Labor Day
Friday, September 29 - Fall Festival/Mr. and Mrs. Pockets (5:00pm - 9:00pm)

Friday, October 6 - Teacher Institiute
Monday, October 9  -  ILMEA Auditions in Highland (No School)
                       (Highland Middle School    ~    2813 State Route 160    ~   Highland, IL 62249)
Saturday, October 14 (possible Oct 27 depending on Fall Festival)  -  Wolf Branch Band at Eckerts (Millstadt)
                    (Millstadt Eckerts  ~  
2719 Eckert Ln  ~  Millstadt, IL 62260)
                  -  Band Boosters provide the bonfire sites, hot dogs, chips, marshmallows, chocolate graham crackers and bottled water.
                      -  Parents and students will need to purchase regular price admission tickets to the farm 
Saturday, October 27 (possible)  -  Wolf Branch Fall Festival (Mr. and Mrs. Pockets)
Monday, October 30 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Tuesday, October 31 - 
No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Friday, November 10 - No School - Veterans Day
Saturday, November 11 - Junior High and Senior High Jazz Festival 
                      (Belleville East High School   ~   2555 West Boulevard   ~   Belleville, IL 62221)
Saturday, November 18 - Junior High and Senior High Concert Band Festival
Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Wednesday, November 22 - No School, 1st Day of Thanksgiving Break
Thursday, November 23 - Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 24 - Belleville Santa Parade (No School)
        8:00am............arrive at Wolf Branch wearing LONG black socks and appropriate undergarments for the uniform.  Students may want hand warmers.
                                 Solid black gloves and ear muffs may be worn with the uniform.  Students may need to purchase a music lyre if music is not
          8:45am...........depart Wolf Branch for St. Mary's church to line-up.  All students MUST ride the bus to the parade.
          10:00am.........The parade begins at St. Mary's church on West Main Street in Belleville, IL.  The parade then heads East down Main street and ends
                                at Union United Methodist Church on East Main Street.
          12:00ish.........All band students must ride the bus back to Wolf Branch.  Students will not be dismissed until they have hung up their uniform
Please let Mrs. Tessereau know if you will be available to walk in the parade with the students.  Parents will be assigned one of the tasks below:
      1. Walking with percussionists.  They may drop sticks while marching and they need you to pick them up.  Or instruments may become
          heavy and they may need a break.
     2.  Walk in line with the students to help them stay in line.  When students begin walking faster/slower than the rest of their line, it
          becomes a safety issue as they may run into the student in front of them or hit the person in front of them with their instrument
          causing facial injuries.
     3.  Need parents to walk with the flag team, just in case someone drops a flag.
     4.  Parents bringing a wagon to haul extra equipment  and items that students may give us at the parade site will need to stay in the very
          back of the band.
     5.  Parents may also be needed to tie shoes...the students will have gloves and instruments to deal with.
     6.  We also need a parent volunteers to help with making/distributing hot chocolate when we return to Wolf Branch following the parade.
          Does anyone have a container to hold hot chocolate for about 80 students?

Winter Band Concert  TBA
Saturday, December 9 - Winter Festival/Mr. and Mrs. Pockets/Select band students perform (morning)
Wednesday, December 20 - 1st Day of Winter Break

Wednesday, January 3 - No School/Teacher Institute
Thursday, January 4 - Students resume after Winter Break
Monday, January 8 - Belleville East 8th Grade Feeder Festival
- 9:30am students arrive
                           - 2:00pm students return to school
                           - 6:30pm students return to Belleville East High School in nice dress clothes
                           - 7:00pm informative concert
                          - 8:00pm - approximate end of concert
Monday, January 15 - No School - MLK Birthday

Saturday, February 3 - Wolf Branch Auction.  Band boosters will run the "Sweet Shoppe"
Saturday, February ??? - District solo and Ensemble Contest
Monday, February 19 - No School/Presidents Day

Tuesday, March 20 - No School
Thursday, March 29 - No School - Spring Break
Friday, March 30 - No School - Spring Break

Monday, April 2 - No School - Spring Break
Friday, April 20 - tentative Spring Awards concert (Middle School Band)
Friday, April 27 - Six Flags Contest (Time TBA)

Saturday, May 5 - State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Triad Middle School, St. Jacob
                         (Triad Middle School    ~    9539 US Highway 40    ~    St. Jacob, IL 62281)
Tuesday, May 22....Last Day of School if no snow days used
Cardinal Game - TBA
Graduation - TBA

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