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Middle School Band LAB Schedule (grades 5-8)
All band students will be practicing for Contest/Concert every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Chorus students should report to chorus on your assigned chorus days.

During the week of January 23-27, all band students in grades 5-8 will be testing on "FAIREST OF THE FAIR." This is one of our contest selections for the Metro East Music Festival as well as The Six Flags Contest!  Students can test during their band lesson time or text me videos.

It is important for your student to continue working on the music throughout this semester.  Your student is part of a team.  If your student is not taking the time to work on the music, the entire team suffers.  I will give students of all grades an opportunity to work on the music as written.  For those students that are struggling with the music, I will be re-writing their parts based on their capabilities and make the music a little more accessible for their level.  This is mainly geared for the 5th and 6th grade students.  I have selected challenging music for contest this year!  I can already tell that many students are working hard at home!

I will be accepting "re-take" videos for those students that would like to move up in the section (or for students that are looking for personal feedback on what they have been practicing at home). Students can email or text me a video.  Texting me is the easiest way to send a video.  I will be happy to give you my cell number if you request it (however, I do not want to post my cell number on a public website).  I have included a copy of the rubric on the band website for your viewing.

          - Texting me videos are preferred. 
          - The recorder will be stored in my office for those students that would like to record after school.  
          - If your re-take video is not better than your first test, you may MOVE DOWN in the section.  Remember, we are replacing your old video with the new
          - If you have been assigned 1st part, you will only play 1st part.  You cannot be moved down to second
          - If you have been assigned 2nd part, you can only move up on 2nd part. (You cannot move up to 1st during the 1st semester.) However, keep in mind 
            that some pieces of music have 1st, 2nd and 3rd parts.  This means that some 1sts will play second and some 2nds will play 3rd.


Friday, April 28 - 

6:45-7:00AM          The band room will be open for students to get their instruments and music.
7:00AM                 Bus departs for Six Flags (rush hour traffic!!!)
8:30AM                 Arrive at Six Flags.  Unload/unpack all instruments.  Distribute tickets/meal vouchers
9:00AM                 We must be at tent,  ready to meet our guide and head to warm-ups
9:30AM                 Warm-up (location TBA) At this time, I need a group of parents to head to the stage to set-up our chairs and stands.  Can I have a parent volunteer to head this                               up?  I will provide a set-up chart…I just need an experienced parent to help out.  Mr. Christ and Nick Christ maybe???
10:00                    Concert Band Perform on the stage of the Palace (this is an indoor performance)
10:30                    Load all of the equipment on busses.  It would be great if personal instruments can be loaded in parent vehicles if available.  There are only a few of us headed                                 back to school to unload all of the equipment.  NO ONE LEAVES THE GROUP UNTIL ALL EQUIPMENT IS LOADED!!!  Once the equipmet is loaded, students                               may enter the park for a fun day!!!
1:00-2:00PM              Any student that is not with an adult chaperone must check in with Mrs. Tessereau at  this time.  I left an hour time slot for you to check in due to the wait lines for the rides.  
                                     Please check in with me during this hour.  
5:00PM                       The Park closes at 5:00.  All student riding the bus home will meet at the fountain OUTSIDE  of the park. (Students that have designated that they are riding home with 
                                     parents/another student’s parent will be the responsibility of the designated parents for the remainder of the day.  Students that are not riding the bus home WILL NOT need to 
                                    check in with Mrs. Tessereau and will not need to meet at the Fountain.  You may leave the park at your leisure.
6:30ISH                      Arrive at wolf Branch Middle School.  Students that ride the bus home are needed to help unload equipment.  Parents can feel free to help as well!
1.  Anyone with a season pass can enter the park.  There is not a "special" ticket for season pass holders!. (This includes the performer and chaperone).  These people will enter the park as they normally would...scanning their season pass as they enter the park.  

2.  If you have not yet processed your season pass, you will process it as you enter the park on Friday.  It's super easy and fast!

3.  All tickets will be distributed when we enter the park. Unfortunately, I do not get the tickets in advance. I will receive them when we arrive. This means that it would be best for anyone meeting us at the park to be there when we arrive.  Please let me know if this is a problem.  I will be giving the student all of the tickets for the family.

4.  Tickets can be purchased at the tent when we arrive.  Tickets are $33 for the non-performer.  Please let me know if you need a ticket (CASH OR CHECK ONLY!).  We have a couple chaperones that are unable to attend and I am sure they would appreciate you purchasing the ticket from them first:o)

5.  Backpacks and bags are not permitted on most rides.  It is considered a safety hazard.  Students with phones will probably want to bring them.  I recommend a jacket with a zip up pocket.  It students are keeping cell phones and money in pockets...make sure they are tight enough that it doesn't fall out on rides.

6.  Students should wear the white band shirt.  What they wear on the bottom is optional.  Shorts, jeans, sweat pants are all acceptable.  this is the attire of most of the performing groups.  They want the students to be comfortable for "play" in the park.

7.  Mr. Christ and Nic Christ have agreed to lead the set-up crew.  We will need help carrying equipment from the busses to the performance area as well.  any help would be greatly appreciated:o)

STUDENTS NOT RIDING THE BUS HOME:                                               
Ella and Chase Behn                                                                                
Nicole Chao                                                                                              
Abby Christ                                                                                                
Carly Dahm                                                                                            
Austin Dyer
Mia Eschman                                                                                            
Simone Feazel                                                                                        
Hannah Gingrich
Elijah Griffin
Brooklyn and Kendall Jouett
James Kannewurf
Lydia Kohlenberger (Carly Dahm)                                                            
Gracie LaBlance
Aidan Lang
Cameron Loyet (pick-up at 2:00)
Kimmy Maxim (Erin McVey)
Jack McCoy                                                                                                
Erin McVey
Annika Melinder (Erin McVey)
Lily Mentzer                                                                                                
Nick Miller  
Jesse Papagno  (Nick Miller)                                                                                                                                                            
Brennan and Quinn Peck
Caleb and Emma Simpson
Dylan Turner
Michael Van Zummeren
Peter Walker
Julia Wilcox (Mia Eschman)
Kelsey Williamson
Max Ziegler
Connor and Carissa Mackin
Braden Schnarre (James Kannewurf)
Warren Zeisset (Jack McCoy)

Noah Belland
Rodney Brown
Nicholas Butler
Tyler Butler 
Patrick Conklin
Nate Enriquez
Quinn Enriquez
Cameron Gansauer
Delaney Giles
Brianna Ha
Sam Jacobsen
Wendell Miller
Nadia Mueller
Sophie Padgett
Kaden Palmer
Vinhhy Pham
Lauren Phan
Taylor Ritzel
Andrei Sabula
Kathryn Smith
Janessa Sydow
Ashlyn Tessereau
Vanessa Tessereau
Ashley Tyler
Gyannah White
Rebecca Yee
Bernice Zhao
Brianna Gray
Raina Patel
Mr. Gray
Mrs. Tessereau

Saturday, May 6 - State Solo and Ensemble Contest for those students that received a 1st place or Superior rating at District solo contest.
Friday, May 12 - 4th Grade Band Concert
Friday, May 26 - Last Day of School (Elementary school dismisses at 11:30)
Thursday, May 25 - Wolf Branch Graduation (All Band students will perform at graduation.  Parents cannot attend due to limited seating for graduates.) 

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