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...............................4th GRADE BAND.......................................

We will begin the 15 minute band lessons next week. Your students will need to bring their instruments, band books and practice charts to lesson each time we meet. (If your student has not received their band book, they will receive their band book at their first lesson.) I have attached the band schedule to this email. 

2:45 and 3:00 LESSON GROUPS:
We had a large number of students that signed up for the 2:45 and 3:00 time slot.  Because of the large number of students signed up for these times, those students will receive lessons EVERY OTHER WEEK.  I have labeled these students as "Group A" or "Group B" on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I have tried to make this less confusing by writing down the dates in which those students would attend lessons.  If you have any questions about these times, please let me know and I will help you out!

For those students that have lunch lessons, you will come to the band room as soon as you are dismissed for lunch.  If you you BUYING your lunch, stop at the cafeteria before you come to the band room to get your lunch.  If you are bringing a SACK lunch, come straight to the band room.  There will be a table in the back of the room for you eat your lunch at.  Be sure to bring your instrument.  If you have a game that you want to bring, you may do so.  I will have movies and karaoke set up to keep you busy while we take turn having lessons.

If you are pulled from an academic class for lessons, your class work will be monitored by your teacher.  It is very rare that band students have trouble keeping up in class during band lesson time.  However, if it does become a challenge in the classroom, your teacher will contact me and let me know that we need to change your lesson time.

If you have not signed up for extra lessons and you would like to still take advantage of this extra lesson time, you still can.  The only time slots that are available is during social studies and there is one slot left during lunch on Tuesdays.  There is not space during the 2:45-3:00 lesson time, however, I can put you on a waiting list.

ALL STUDENTS TAKING 15 MINUTE LESSONS WILL NEED TO TURN IN A SIGNED PRACTICE CHART EACH WEEK WHEN THEY ARRIVE TO LESSONS.  If the practice chart is consistently not completed or not signed by a parent, the student will be dismissed from 15 minute lessons.  Students will also be dismissed if they are not attending their lessons regularly becasue they have forgotten their instrument or have forgotten to come to the band room. (Many students have had success by purchasing watches with alarms and then setting the alarm to go off 5 minutes before their lesson time.  If you choose this method, please be sure to show your kiddo how to turn off the alarm so it does not distract the class.) If a student has been dismissed from lessons, they can sign up for lessons during the next quarter (grading period), provided that there is a slot available.  If there is not a time slot available, they will be put on a waiting list.

................................5th GRADE BAND STUDENTS................................
5th Grade Band students will be pulled out of class for 15 minute lessons as they were in 4th grade.  I will communicate with the 5th grade teachers on academic progress to see what classes I am able to pull from.  I typically do not pull from P.E. and math.  5th Grade Band students may also attend band on Monday and Wednesday when they have encores.  Full band rehearsals will also take place during encores once we get closer to a performance.

..........................6th, 7th and 8th GRADE BAND..........................
During the 2017-2018 school year, 6th, 7th and 8th grade band will take place during encores on Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the school year.  If you scroll to the bottom of the web page, you can "click" on the Band Schedule. I have listed the band schedule for the year.  Encores continue to receive a pass/fail grade.  The band students that only attend on Tuesdays and Thursday will only receive grades for the work assigned and tested on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

6th, 7th and 8th grade students will no longer be pulled out of class for extra lessons.

6th hour is 6th Grade Encores
(All 6th Grade Band Students will report immediately to the band room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during 6th period)
           - 6th Grade Encores include: art, technology, health and public speaking (a different encore class each semester)

7th hour is 7th Grade Encores (All 7th Grade Band Students will report immediately to the band room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during 7th period)
           - 7th Grade Encores include: art, technology, health and science-measurement (a different encore class each semester)

8th hour is 8th Grade Encores 
(All 8th Grade Band Students will report immediately to the band room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during 6th period)
           - 8th Grade Encores include: art, technology, health and public speaking (a different encore class each semester)

..................................................STAGE BAND..............................................................
Rehearsals are every Monday and Thursday from 7:30AM-8:00AM. Auditions are in progress.  The final list will be posted here.

...................................................ROCK BAND..............................................................
Rehearsals are every Tuesday from 7:30AM-8:00AM.  Friday rehearsals will be added once the final group is selected.  Friday rehearsals will also take place from 7:30AM-8:00AM). Auditions are in progress.  The final list will be posted here.

.................................BAND CALENDAR FOR 2017-2018.....................................

Thursday, October 12 - Penn Station fundraiser (Belleville location)
Friday, October 27 - Wolf Branch Halloween Parade.  All band students grades 5-8 will be leading the Wolf Branch costume parade.  This will
                   be great practice for the Belleville "Howl-o-ween" parade.
Vikram Kondagunta
Ava Mentzer

Sunday, October 29 - Belleville, Howl-O-ween parade.  Students dress in costumes!!! Parade begins at 1:00PM
- 11:45 meet at Wolf Branch Middle School in Costume
                      - 12:00 depart Wolf Branch Middle School
                      - Parade step off at 1:00
                      - parents can pick up students following the parade
                      - bus will return to Wolf Branch immediately following the end of the parade.
                     - Music lyres needed.  
                         - Parade Route:  We will meet and exit the Associated Bank parking lot located on 100 E Washington Street.  Then proceed onto South Jackson Street and go south towards
                           Lincoln, turning east on Lincoln, north on South Charles, west on East Main and conclude at South High.

                        - The Block Party will be on East Main Street, between IL Route 159 and High Street, located in front of Seven's Shichi Sushi Bar and will begin at 1:00pm with an ending time
                           of 4:00pm

                        - Stay for the pet costume contest and Block Party, featuring vendors, adoption opportunities, food, music, activities for kids, prizes, raffles, and more. Bring lawn chairs and/or
                          blankets for comfort.

Vikram Kondagunta
Emma Simpson
Caleb Simpson
Samantha Fayette
Jered Conway!

Monday, October 30 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Tuesday, October 31 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Friday, November 10 - No School - Veterans Day
Saturday, November 11 - Junior High and Senior High Jazz Festival 
                      (Belleville East High School   ~   2555 West Boulevard   ~   Belleville, IL 62221)
Saturday, November 18 - Junior High and Senior High Concert Band Festival
Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Wednesday, November 22 - No School, 1st Day of Thanksgiving Break
Thursday, November 23 - Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 24 - Belleville Santa Parade (No School)
        8:00am............arrive at Wolf Branch wearing LONG black socks and appropriate undergarments for the uniform.  Students may want hand warmers.
                                 Solid black gloves and ear muffs may be worn with the uniform.  Students may need to purchase a music lyre if music is not
          8:45am...........depart Wolf Branch for St. Mary's church to line-up.  All students MUST ride the bus to the parade.
          10:00am.........The parade begins at St. Mary's church on West Main Street in Belleville, IL.  The parade then heads East down Main street and ends
                                at Union United Methodist Church on East Main Street.
          12:00ish.........All band students MUST ride the bus back to Wolf Branch.  Students will not be dismissed until they have hung up their uniform
- Music lyres needed.  Order form attached below.
Please let Mrs. Tessereau know if you will be available to walk in the parade with the students.  Parents will be assigned one of the tasks below:
      1. Walking with percussionists.  They may drop sticks while marching and they need you to pick them up.  Or instruments may become
          heavy and they may need a break.
     2.  Walk in line with the students to help them stay in line.  When students begin walking faster/slower than the rest of their line, it
          becomes a safety issue as they may run into the student in front of them or hit the person in front of them with their instrument
          causing facial injuries.
     3.  Need parents to walk with the flag team, just in case someone drops a flag.
     4.  Parents bringing a wagon to haul extra equipment  and items that students may give us at the parade site will need to stay in the very
          back of the band.
     5.  Parents may also be needed to tie shoes...the students will have gloves and instruments to deal with.
     6.  We also need a parent volunteers to help with making/distributing hot chocolate when we return to Wolf Branch following the parade.
          Does anyone have a container to hold hot chocolate for about 80 students?

Ella Behn
Chase Behn
Taylor Ritzel
Cai Kenmore
Eli Kenmore
Tyler Raish
Julia Wilcox
Rebecca Yee

Monday, November 27 - Belle-Fair concert Band Festival (Select Students only)

Friday, December 1 - Winter Band Concert  at 7:00PM
- All Middle School Band Students arrive at 6:30 in the Middle School Band Room.
              - Each family should bring a finger dessert to be shared at the reception. (cookies, brownies or any other finger dessert-store bought or home
                made are acceptable.
             - Band Booster will provide punch.

Saturday, December 9 - Winter Festival/Mr. and Mrs. Pockets/Select band students perform (morning)
Wednesday, December 20 - 1st Day of Winter Break

Wednesday, January 3 - No School/Teacher Institute
Thursday, January 4 - Students resume after Winter Break
Monday, January 8 - Belleville East 8th Grade Feeder Festival
- 9:30am students arrive
                           - 2:00pm students return to school
                           - 6:30pm students return to Belleville East High School in nice dress clothes
                           - 7:00pm informative concert
                          - 8:00pm - approximate end of concert
Monday, January 15 - No School - MLK Birthday
Monday, January 22 - Band booster meeting at 7:00PM (Wolf Branch Middle School)

Saturday, February 3 - Wolf Branch Auction.  Band boosters will run the "Sweet Shoppe" and food/meal
Saturday, February ??? - District solo and Ensemble Contest
Monday, February 19 - No School/Presidents Day

Tuesday, March 20 - No School
Thursday, March 29 - No School - Spring Break
Friday, March 30 - No School - Spring Break

Monday, April 2 - No School - Spring Break
Monday, April 16 - Band booster meeting at 7:00PM (Wolf Branch Middle School)
Monday, April 16 - Possible date for Belle-Fair Jazz Festival (The St. Clair County Band Festival dissolved.  This is in place of St. Clair County)
Friday, April 20 - Spring Awards concert (Middle School Band) at 7:00PM
 - All Middle School Band Students arrive at 6:30 in the Middle School Band Room.
Friday, April 27 - Six Flags Contest (warm-up at 10:00AM in Miss Kitty's Saloon, Perform at 10:30 in the Palace Theater)

Saturday, May 5 - State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Triad Middle School, St. Jacob
                         (Triad Middle School    ~    9539 US Highway 40    ~    St. Jacob, IL 62281)
Tuesday, May 22....Last Day of School if no snow days used
Cardinal Game - TBA
Graduation - TBA

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