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...............................4th GRADE BAND.......................................

We will begin the 15 minute band lessons next week. Your students will need to bring their instruments, band books and practice charts to lesson each time we meet. (If your student has not received their band book, they will receive their band book at their first lesson.) I have attached the band schedule to this email. 

2:45 and 3:00 LESSON GROUPS:
We had a large number of students that signed up for the 3:00 time slot.  Because of the large number of students signed up for these times, those students will receive lessons EVERY OTHER WEEK.  I have labeled these students as "Group A" or "Group B" on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I have tried to make this less confusing by writing down the dates in which those students would attend lessons.  If you have any questions about these times, please let me know and I will help you out!

For those students that have lunch lessons, you will come to the band room as soon as you are dismissed for lunch.  If you you BUYING your lunch, stop at the cafeteria before you come to the band room to get your lunch.  If you are bringing a SACK lunch, come straight to the band room.  There will be a table in the back of the room for you eat your lunch at.  Be sure to bring your instrument.  If you have a game that you want to bring, you may do so.  I will have movies and karaoke set up to keep you busy while we take turn having lessons.

If you are pulled from an academic class for lessons, your class work will be monitored by your teacher.  It is very rare that band students have trouble keeping up in class during band lesson time.  However, if it does become a challenge in the classroom, your teacher will contact me and let me know that we need to change your lesson time.


ALL STUDENTS TAKING 15 MINUTE LESSONS WILL NEED TO TURN IN A SIGNED PRACTICE CHART EACH WEEK WHEN THEY ARRIVE TO LESSONS.  If the practice chart is consistently not completed or not signed by a parent, the student will be dismissed from 15 minute lessons.  Students will also be dismissed if they are not attending their lessons regularly because they have forgotten their instrument or have forgotten to come to the band room. (Many students have had success by purchasing watches with alarms and then setting the alarm to go off 5 minutes before their lesson time.  If you choose this method, please be sure to show your kiddo how to turn off the alarm so it does not distract the class.) If a student has been dismissed from lessons, they can sign up for lessons during the following quarter (grading period), provided that there is a slot available.  If there is not a time slot available, they will be put on a waiting list.

..............................................STAGE BAND.........................................................
Rehearsals are every Monday (during LAB - 8:03-8:33).  Sectionals will take place on Monday's before school from 7:30-8:00.  Sectionals mean that only the saxophones will meet OR only the trumpets will meet...etc.  Once we get closer to a performance, everyone will attend the 7:30AM rehearsal AND attend Thursday morning rehearsals at 7:30AM.  All schedules will be emailed directly to parents. 

...............................................ROCK BAND..........................................................
Rehearsals are every Wednesday and Friday from 7:30AM-8:00AM.  

.........................5th, 6th, 7th and 8th GRADE BAND..........................
During the 2018-2019 school year, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade band will take place during LAB every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the school year.   All Middle School Band Students are expected to attend a 15 minute lesson that will occur during their encore time once a week.  These extra 15 minute lessons (that only occur once a week), will begin in September. I schedule will be sent home once the schedule has been approved by teachers and administration.

FLUTES                                   CLARINET                           BASS CLARINETS
Sophie Padgett                                 
Kadyn Baker                                 Sonia Mentzer
Bernice Zhao                                      Kendall Chism                                                 
Abby House                                        Ava Krause                 
Hanna Lee                                          Emma Simpson                                               
Emalee Fruechte                               Sage Brown                                  TENOR SAX
Paige Gehrig                                     Tamiah Sharkey                            Janessa Sydow
Natalie Nyugen                                  Olivia Dibadj                                Megan Dahm
Sophia Luo                                       Alanna Stuart  
Makai Weik                                       Michelle Chao    
Owen Willis                                        Kiernan Padgett                             BARI SAX
 ALTO SAX                                   Mia Mullenix      
 Ella Behn                                      
 Sam Haake                                                                                              FRENCH HORN
 Nick Miller                                                                                                 Rebecca Yee
 McKenzie Campbell                      TRUMPET                                Samuel Yee 
 Ayush Ghody                                Carissa Mackin 
 Avery Gansauer                            Corbin Zeisset                                   TROMBONE
 Anna Maxim                                  Jesse Papagno                                   Lily Willett
Charity Cobb                                  Carson Snow                                      Lucy Cruz Oyola
Ben Stewart                                   Enola Dulski                                      Vikram Kondagunta
Elliot Dahm                                     Addie Kramkowski                               Brady Jernigan     
Zoe Peters                                     Katie Baldwin                                      Ty Palmer
Zach Cramer                                  Alexis Koontz                                      
Maia Benyr                                     Jonny Miller                      
Brooke Burton                                Marley Kiefer                                       BARITONE
Calvin Stanzyc                             Atticus Slocum                                     Ashlyn Willis
Evan Pugeda                                Ella Murphy
Adaliz DeLaTour                           Emma Krause   
Gavin Mollett                                  
Carter Schnarre                                    
Noah Peters                                  
Ava Mentzer                                                            
Max Ziegler                                    KEYBOARD BASS
Savannah Loehring                       Jillian Ritter  

Henry Kohlenberger  



.....................BAND CALENDAR FOR 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR..................

Saturday, March 21 - Wolf Branch Auction at the Moose Lodge (Stacy Mentzer - chairperson...Siri Vikan also available) (POSTPONED)


Thursday, April 2nd - Urban Air Fundraiser - $19.99 per person - 5PM - 8PM - Profit - 20% (CANCELED) Monday, April 6 - Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers (Performance: God Bless America) - Right field Box on the first level (POSTPONED)

On Monday, April 6, 20,000 fans ages 16 and older will take home a unique Cardinals T-shirt. Get ready to vote! The fans will vote on the design of the shirt! Stay tuned for more information and voting opportunities! EVENT POSTPONED!!!

Thursday, April 9 - Chicago trip (CANCELLED)

Alanna Stuart

Gavn Mollett/mom

Sam Haake/mom

Megan Dahm/mom

Ella Behn/mom

Nick/Jonny Miller/mom Olivia Dibadj/mom

Jesse Papagno

Carissa Mackin/mom

Brooke Burton/mom Brady Jernigan/dad

Katie Baldwin/mom

Jenna Thode/mom

Chirsten Agne/mom

Mackenzie Campbell/dad

Torrence Nelson

Sydney/Owen Willis/mom

Atticus Slocum/mom

Vikram Kondagunta

Janessa Sydow

Ayush Ghody

Abby House/mom

Olivia Nersesian/mom

Friday, April 24 - Six Flags St. Louis Band Contest (CANCELLED) 9:00AM - Depart Wolf Branch 10:00AM - Arrive at Six Flags - check in - distribute tickets

10:30AM - Enjoy the Park

3:00PM - Meet at the fountain OUTSIDE of the park (Warm up at 4:00, perform at 4:30)

5:00PM - Park Closes. Load up the truck/busses. Depart Six Flags

6:00PM - arrive back at Wolf Branch

Saturday, May 2 - State solo and Ensemble Contest (CANCELLED)
Tuesday, May 12 - Showcase night/3rd grade flutophones concert/4th Grade Band Concert (4TH Grade Band Performance at 6:00PM)
Tuesday, May 14 - Band concert at 7:30
Tuesday, May 19 - Belleville East Graduation
Thursday, May 21 - Wolf Branch Graduation at Christ Church

We will receive our Cardinal Game performance date in January. This will take place in April or May.
Thursday, September 3, 2020 - Dairy Queen 5PM - 8PM   :) Booked!

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