Finding "Our" Voice; Taking Action

The goal of this blog is to give voice to all educators who have a passion for education and would like an opportunity to weigh in on the challenges and innovations needed for educational reform. This blog is not about my voice, but our voice.  This blog is a public forum for sharing and reflecting, solving problems and seeking opportunities, professionalism and professional growth, and having a positive impact on creating equitable, engaging learning environments for all of our children.

My hope is that "we" envision and develop this blog together.  What is represented here is a shell that will grow and develop as we further define the purpose and begin to populate and share our voices with the world.
If you would like to be a part of this process tweet@stephe1234 or contact  Stephanie Dulmage at

It's exciting that so many conversations about educational transformation are focusing on teacher leadership and teachers "having a voice". What thrills me about this movement is a recognition that teachers are professionals. This has been a citical missing pieces in past efforts to change the educational system. For many years, education has been "owned" by so many others outside the profession. It's time for us to take the profession back and reclaim the agenda.

Teacher leadership and voice are critical in transformation efforts but keep in mind, administrators and central office staff need to be part of reclaiming the educational agenda. In some cases, it's and even greater challenge for educators in these roles to "find their voice" and take a stand about the "why" of school and truly doing what's best for students. All educators need to "own the profession" and have impact on the transformation of the educational system. This post is not about teaches rising up against administrators, school boards, and central office; this is about educators, as a collective group, forging a path and having a seat at the table in all conversations, efforts, and shifts that will impact our students.

Finding (And Sharing) Your Voice To Positively Impact Education

  • Create an Education Manifesto - focus on the why, how, and what of your commitment
  • Make Your Education Manifesto Public
  • Understand that YOU must OWN and FIND your VOICE - Systemic and administrative support and opportunities need to be present but you have the ultimate responsibility to make a positive, professional impact
  • Be an Individual within the collective voice of education
  • Be Informed and strive to understand issues from Multiple Viewpoints
  • Develop a virtual Professional Learning Network - Self Organize your Learning
  • Find a public forum to "express" your voice - create a blog, engage in educational chats, interact on state, national, and global levels
  • Lead from where you stand
  • Do Not succumb to the "us vs them" culture in education
  • Engage in inquiry or action research routinely
  • Reflect, Challenge (yourself), Change, Innovate
  • Understand, accept, and embrace the shift that is (and should) occur for future learning environments
  • Be a professional at all times and always stay focused on the "why" of learning and the future possibilities of our educational system
  • Expect and demand excellence from yourself - education is not a job it's a profession; it's a passion; it's about an unwavering commitment to learning and the learners

Here's my last bit of advice: start small.  It's not about where or how you start.  It's just about starting, owning the profession, and inspiring others along the way.  From the classic Nike ad, "Just Do It."