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Please use this website as a reference for all your class notes and assignments.  On this website, you will find attachments to class packets and homework, as well as pdf copies of daily class notes.  If you are absent, please make it a priority to go to this website and print out the notes for the day that you missed.  You are responsible for filling in your packet with the class notes that you missed, and you should attempt the homework assignment for that evening.

Extra help for the week of 9/10 - 9/14 (Room 305)
Wednesday 9/12, 2-2:45pm
Thursday 9/13, 2-3:45pm

Note: All information and dates provided on these class pages are subject to change. Any changes will be discussed in class.

Mrs. Schad attended Cornell University, with a major in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering, and a minor in Economics.  She worked as an engineer on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center and on the 2nd Avenue Subway Project, before returning to graduate school to obtain her Master of Science in Mathematics & Education at Queens College.  She has also completed post-graduate work in Special Education at Brooklyn College.  Mrs. Schad has been teaching at West Babylon Senior High School since 2006.  (If you have older brothers or sisters, they may know her by her maiden name, Miss Young.)