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US History 11R and History Through Film!

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Students should check Google Classroom using their  "wbschools.org"  account for links and access to Homeworks and Handouts from class.

                                                               To Join Google Classroom, Use the Following codes for your period

Per 2 US History 11R -   7a7210o

Per 3 Macro 12AP -  wp5ozdq  

Per 5 US History 11R -   lywz32 

Per 6 History Through Film -     5fqdgoq 

Per 9 US History 11R -     tq6ljlm

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EXTRA HELP:   Wednesdays after School at 2 pm in Room 219 ;      Some weeks, I am available Tuesdays or Thursdays,  please check with me at the beginning of each week.

Ms. LoVerso has been teaching Social Studies since 1988 and has been at WBHS since 1992.  Currently, she teachers AP Macroeconomics, Regents level US History and History Through Film.   Ms. LoVerso holds a B.A. in Economics and NY State Teacher certification from SUNY Stony Brook and a M.S.Ed. from LIU/CW Post College.