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Chemistry Midterm is Thursday, January 25th from 7:30 - 9:00 am. 
     Please see Midterm Tab for review schedule, room assignments for test, and list of things to bring to test. 

Nuclear Test Thursday, January 18th!
  • Nuclear Definition
  • Radioactivity Definition
  • Radioisotopes Definition - Know how to use Table N
  • Decay Modes (know mass, charge, penetrating power) - Table O
    • alpha
    • beta
    • gamma
    • positron
  • transmutations (distinguish between types, write reactions, find a missing piece of a reaction, know uses for both as well as side-effects)
    • natural
      • alpha
      • beta
      • gamma
      • positron
    • artificial
      • fission
      • fusion
  • Half-Lives (Table N)
  • Uses for Radioisotopes
    • I-131
    • Co-60
    • C-14
    • U-238
    • Pb-206

Remember: Castle Learning is always due by 7 am on day of test/quiz!

For edPuzzle, you must log into Google Classroom with your school email. When you click on the edPuzzle link, make sure to click the red Google button to log in to view the video. Make sure to watch the entire video or it will not appear as complete. If using a cell phone, you must have both the Google Classroom and edPuzzle app or it will not play the video. If this still does not work, use a desktop computer. 

To make up any test or quiz, you must do corrections and have completed the corresponding castle learning assignment!

Now is a perfect time to clean out your chemistry binder and transfer material to a safe place at home (home desk, binder at home, manila folder only for chemistry. etc.). Things to keep in your binder every day for class:
  • your Reference Table
  • any tests/ quizzes from marking period 2 (periodic table, formula writing)
  • any notes for tests/quizzes you wish to make up

  • Useful Links Tab for links to periodic table & simulations
  • Extra Help Tab to know what days I will be after school
  • Make-Up Tests & Quizzes Tab for make-up assignments for tests & Quizzes
  • Topics Tab for a running lust of all topics covered in class
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