The Community Service program for our graduating Seniors at West Bridgewater Middle/Senior High School makes the assertion that much learning can take place outside of the classroom through personal involvement in the real world.  The community can serve as a place to learn and enrich what is taught in school.  Community Service Learning provides for ways to integrate service into the educational process and involves students in useful and meaningful experiences. Community "service learning” is a demonstration of a partnership between the West Bridgewater community and West Bridgewater Middle/Senior High School.


  • To advocate and promote meaningful experiential learning

  • To provide opportunities for students to “give” back to the community

  • To link experiential learning with real world situations

  • To view the community as a valuable resource

  • To recognize students as valuable resources

  • To recognize the relevance of student work

  • To build responsibility and independence

  • To gain and build respect though good works

  • To demonstrate good citizenship

  • To foster empathy, compassion, and understanding for others

Time Frame

Twenty hours of community service is a graduation requirement for all seniors. September 1, 2018 - May 17th 2019. Please turn in your filled out Hours Log sheet to the Guidance office on or before the due date.


Be sure to make contact with the person(s) introducing yourself and following through with what you need to do to fulfill your community service obligation. Always be courteous, mindful and professional in all your interactions. The community service contact list (see link above) is not the be all and end all, but a beginning, and a way for us to show our appreciation by giving back of our time and talents to our schools, and or to our community. You can and should advocate for yourself in finding your community service opportunity. Further, you may complete your service hours in another town or place but you cannot accumulate hours working for a parent, a relative, or earn money for volunteering.

    While this contact list is meant to provide you with some opportunities it also represents a collaboration between our school and our community fostering the spirit of volunteerism.  Always be respectful, and remember you are representing yourself, our school, and your community!!

Lastly - Be sure to be checking morning announcement, your emails, with guidance, and the community service contacts form found on the link above for opportunities. -- Best