These service opportunities are available throughout the year. Interested students should contact the supervisor and check the document below for a project's expectations. You may also find your own service projects, provided there is an adult supervisor who is not a family member.

Projects (showing commitment, growth, and impact)
  • GAIA: Ms. Wescott
  • Food for Families: Ms. Sadovnik 
  • Genius Bar: Mr. Panna
  • Band Volunteer: Mr. Minke
  • Butterfly Garden: Mr. Horowitz
  • Drama - assistance behind the scene: Ms. Ya'Acobi 
  • Math Lab: Mr. Shappell
  • Lost N'Found/Clothes for the needy: Orit Hai
  • Save a Child's Heart: Orit Hai
  • MUN Admin: Orit Hai
  • String Quartet - playing for the elderly: Mr. Minke
  • A Capella - singing for the elderly: Orit Hai
  • Mother Tongue program - Ms. Wilson
  • Digital Media Intern - Ms. Rose
  • Make A Wish - Orit Hai
  • Sound Club - Moris Malka
  • School House - Orit Hai
  • Delivering mail on campus: Sharon Zezynski

Community Service Project Rubrics 2018-19

Single Events (three events = one project)
  • Blood Drive - Orit Hai
  • Hair Donation : Ms. Wescott
  • Good Deed Day 
  • Library volunteer: Ms. Ilana
  • College Night: Mr. Carmi
  • Fun Run - Doron Kramer
  • Halloween: PTA -
  • International Day - PTA
  • Christmas Bazaar - PTA
  • International Day - PTA
  • Santa parade - PTA