Call 4 Presentations - SUSPENDED

SUSPENDED SCIED 4 GIS is announcing a “Call 4 Presentations.”

Presentation Tracks & Topics

SCIED 4 GIS is calling for presentation proposals that offer unique educational experiences for science and elementary educators. We are seeking current and relevant presentations within these eight tracks:

  1. K-5 Elementary Science: 
  2.  Middle School Science:
  3. High School Science:
  4.  STEM, STEAM and STREAM Activities:
  5. Next Generation Science Standards
  6. Computer Science
  7. Exploratory Learning
  8. Crime Lab Activities
  9. Agricultural Activities

Presenter Eligibility

To be considered, presenters must have professional qualifications in good standing. Be a faculty member of an international school, college or university;

Benefits of Presenting

  • Promotion of your presentation on our website, in all electronic and print materials and special conference tag indicating your presenter status.

If you are interested in presenting a workshop, demonstration of lab experience, then apply now.  SCIED 4 GIS is looking for dynamic presenters that can show off amazing experiences for our participants. Download the “Presenter’s Form” here.


Forty Five or Sixty-Minute sessions during which the presenters share an innovative teaching idea or the results of research, or discuss a topic of general or specific interest.

Workshops / Labs

Sixty-minute presentations that actively engage a limited number of participants in a hands-on activity or lab experiment. Workshops are set in Lab classrooms, with a limited number of tables for active participants and chairs for other attendees.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • All sections of the application are complete.
  • Presentation description is clearly written.
  • Learning objectives are clearly stated.