Welcome to the home of the Technology & Learning Cohort

Over the past few years there has been an explosion of technologies that can promote global connections, facilitate collaboration, provide a platform for creativity, construct a scaffold for independent learning, and provoke deeper thinking.  At the same time there have been advances in brain research and understanding that can help us adopt these new technologies in ways that support student learning in keeping with our mission.

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The Technology & Learning Cohort (TLC) will be a group of teachers who will read about the research, play with new tools, and experim

ent with curriculum in order to better understand pedagogical implications for classrooms.  TLC team members will be charged with exploring and experimenting with ways to apply information technology tools in their teaching, with particular focus on the implications of neuro-developmental research and understanding for effective classroom practice.

Participating teachers will learn how to take advantage of the potential of emerging technologies to create their own PLN (Personal Learning Network) to further their learning, create connections with other educators across the world, and engage productively with online communities.  Participants will be asked to take risks in their teaching, experiment with classroom practice, collaborate with colleagues, and be willing to explore, challenge, question, and potentially revise current methodologies.

TLC will convene in June for organizational meetings, and then begin meeting in late August with three days for some intensive introduction to emerging technologies, in preparation for the school year.  The group will meet regularly throughout the year in order to allow for meaningful discussion and reflection on their own teaching and learning. Members will be encouraged to visit other schools and classrooms for research.  During the second semester, participants will be asked to share their work with the entire faculty, both at a special workshop and at other times.

By the end of the 2011-2012 school year, TLC members will emerge as curriculum mentors for their department or team and be able to provide workshops and/or curricular support to their colleagues.  TLC members will also be involved in shaping this program in the years to come.

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