Hello Edcamp Mainers 
We have had a successful 7 Edcamp Maines since 2011 and have been thrilled by all of the interest and energy in these meetups.  In addition, many successful, regional Edcamps have popped around the state providing this awesome professional development to teachers from Wells to Fort Kent.

This year, however, we are finding ourselves a little overwhelmed with other projects and feel the need to put our March Edcamp tradition on hold for a year.  We hope to be back next year but until then, if you are craving the Edcamp experience, check out these local ones:

EdCamp Maine is an Education Un-Conference = Free Professional Development for Teachers by TeachersWHAT IS EDCAMP?  Watch this video - 

To find out more about EdCamp Maine, watch this video created at EdCamp Maine by attendees @edukateme and @alisablundon