Book Review on HOOT!

    Hoot is an awesome, bestselling children’s book. We would recommend it 100%. Ever since we have read this book, we cannot stop loving it. It all takes place in Coconut Cove, Florida when a new middle school student named Roy Eberhardt stumbles upon two oddball friends. 

    The three friends come together to save Florida state owls. The owls are in danger because a new Mother Paula’s Pancake House is being built right over where they are burrowing. The three hope their crazy plans work so they can save these adorable creatures.

By: Maya S., Ava M,

Our Rating:

5 Stars! 

Alps Diner Review

    My restaurant review took me to the Alps Diner on Route 23. Our party was quickly seated. There were not many people in the restaurant. I started off with the matzo ball soup. The matzo balls were very soft. The chicken in the soup was tender, but the soup needed some salt. My brother and sister order chicken tenders and fries and I was able to try them. The chicken tenders were soft on the outside and tasty on the inside. I ordered the slider sampler. Some had American cheese on them and some had cheddar cheese. They were good, but I couldn't finish them. I ended the meal with chocolate cake. It was amazing.

    Overall, I had a good meal at the diner. I would return.  

By: Cole W., 4th grade


What has one eye and one tail? 

(scroll down for the answer!)

By: Cole W., 4th grade

Answer: a needle and thread! LOL