Welcome to your Science class website.  It will be to your benefit to make consistent use of this site to keep up with assignments and class information.  You'll also want to check out the amazing work you and your classmates are doing!

This class is structured around the Virginia State Dept. of Education SOL's for Life Science 7.  For more information about these SOL expectations, please go to 
http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/science/2010/curriculum_framewk/life_science.pdf .  Another, condensed version can be found at http://www.solpass.org/6-8Science/6-8Science.php for science.  At solpass.org, each unit listed includes not only each SOL and its objectives , but also has activities and videos that support the SOL to help students further their understanding.  

If you would like to keep track of what is covered in class and the assignments that accompany a lesson you can go to Lesson Schedule to find the name of the lesson.  With that information, you can email me with questions or requests, or go to the calendar of  Class information sources.

Parents, I have constructed a page that can give you more information about how and why I construct my instruction the way I do, as well as providing you with other resources that you can use to support your child.  This information is located on my Parents' Page. 
     Many of you will want more information about a topic in order to gain a fuller understanding of the material we cover.    Also, it always helps to get information from more than one source.  I have created a PortaPortal website that has links to other websites, listed by topic, to help you explore more information.   The URL is http://my.portaportal.com/, and the student access name is KCMSscience 6.  I will not be using Portaportal for social studies as we are using Curriculum Loft to store and link sources.

If you would like to see and read about what is happening in the class, you can visit the Class Scrapbook page on this site.  Here you will find a blog about class events, with pictures showing what students have done and produced.