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*Daily Supplies that I expect you to have with you EVERY day unless I tell you otherwise in advance:
1) I prefer you have mechanical pencils with PLENTY of extra graphite refills and erasers. If you use regular pencils, make sure you have plenty pre-sharpened before you come to class!
                                                  (I do not provide pencil sharpeners!)
2) A three ring binder (2 inch please) A one inch is to small.
3) A spiral bound, 3 hole punched notebook. 
4) At least one highlighter.
5) A dry erase marker, red, black, blue, green, no neon's please. It can be fine tip or chisel tip. 
                             REMIND.com DIRECTIONS!!!  LOOK HERE!!

Here are the directions to Join One of my 3 Math classes from Remind.com

Download the free App onto your smart phone 1st, then make yourself a free account.
Once that is done, then you can proceed to the following steps. 

 For all 3 of my classes you will use in the To space, this number :  81010 
In the Message section, you will type @macey1  to join 1st block,     @macey2     to join 2nd block and       @macey3         to join my 3rd block class. 

You should get a reply confirmation text back within 10 minutes or less. Once enrolled, all you have to do is wait for me to send alerts. I will send a TEST TEXT to all my classes on Friday the 21st of August to see if it is working for anyone who subscribed. 

Ms. Black will also be using remind.com as well, so keep an eye out for codes from her in the upcoming first 2 weeks of school! 

TO SIGN UP FOR THE REMIND.COM  Jr. Beta Club "class"
Use the following:
To:   KCMSJrBeta
Message:   @kcmsjr

These letters case sensitive I do believe. 

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to email or call me at KCMS:
540-946-4635  ext: 1607 (after 3:30pm)


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