About eLearning:   Online learning is commonly referred to as "eLearning". eLearning is not a new thing at Southeast Local Schools.  Our students have had the ability to take classes online for the better part of the past decade.  Over the past few years, however, online learning has become increasingly more commonplace. At this point the majority of our students will likely take at least one class online by the time they graduate.

Our eLearning Services:

Florida Virtual - Florida Virtual classes are the most comprehensive online classes we offer. They are about the closest an online class can get to an actual classroom experience. Florida Virtual classes are widely respected and are officially approved by the NCAA.  Most of our online students will take their classes through Florida Virtual.

Our school district is part of a consortium of schools that works together to offer a broad range of online classes to students. When we enroll a student in a Florida Virtual class, that student will likely have a teacher who is located in another school district. In exchange for teaching our students, these other districts are then able to enroll their students into online classes that I teach. Because of this agreement, our students are able to take online classes with licensed teachers without the need to create additional work for the teachers at Waynedale.

Plato - Plato classes are a bit more condensed than Florida Virtual. In Plato, the primary focus is on learning the material and then assessing whether or not it was learned. This system is generally only used in credit recovery situations, however it can occasionally be substituted if a certain class is not available in Florida Virtual.  

Jefferson County - Jefferson County is occasionally used if we have an elementary student who needs to take an online class. Because these situations are rare, we do not have an ongoing license with Jefferson County. Thus enrolling elementary students with this system will require the approval of the curriculum director.