4. Skeletal System

Ch 07 The Skeletal System revised

There is another webquest this unit. We are also doing a web lesson.

Game: Whack a bone

Study resources:

There is a good study tool here.

Another teacher named Mrs. Muskopf has provided an album of all the pictures of the bones and labels. GO STUDY IT HERE. SERIOUSLY, DO IT.

More resources:

Bone Printables

Self Quizzes

Body Smart

There is also a bone quiz and skull quiz available.

Since you will have a lab practical on the bones, here are two practice lab practicals:

Practice Practical 1

Practice Practical 2

Kudos to Mrs. Phillips' class for finding the following great study resources on the ACLS page:

Learn the Skeletal System

Skeleton coloring

Skeleton Matching

Skeletal System Game