Wayne Community Schools is offering a Summer Workout Program (H.S. 4 workouts & Jr. H. 2 workouts per week) to the students of Wayne Jr/Sr High so that they are able to prepare their bodies both physically and mentally for the next school year athletic activities. The Wayne coaching staff are committed in doing what is best for the student/athletes here at Wayne Community Schools and SAFETY is our first priority when designing the Blue Devil workout program. Safety, proper technique, and fundamentals will be stressed at all times to help prevent injuries during workouts. In addition, the Blue Devil Coaching Staff will make every effort to motivate and coach each athlete during the workout sessions to help the athletes reach their workout goals.  
This site is designed to help communicate a variety of different items that go into making this a successful summer for the students. Announcements and schedule updates may happen several times throughout the summer. The staff encourages students and parents to visit this site often. If there are any questions in regards to the summer workout program you may contact the school via email or by phone.