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Things to remember about your iPads

Acceptable Browsers:

Students should be using Mobicip for internet browsing. However students are welcome to download the Google App (blue app with a white google 'g') to use for google docs and will allow for them to search at school.

We do not want students to download Chrome. This browser is not filtered when they leave school grounds.

Please remember that the iPad you are using is school property.

When you signed the iPad out at the Orientation Sessions, you agreed to the following:

- Always keep your iPad in its protective case
- The iPad would be used for academic purposes
- You would only download appropriate apps.

-It is okay for the students to tuck the flaps (for sound, etc.)  in while they are using that part of the iPad but the flaps should be in place when the feature they are covering is not in use. These flaps are not be removed.
-If you find a lost iPad, please bring it to the Media Center.

We would like to thank the majority of students who are complying with these guidelines. Having an iPad to use for school work is a privilege that very few students outside of Wayland have. While we are proud to be able to offer this opportunity, we want to make sure that our students are making good choices while using the iPads. If you have questions about whether something is appropriate/inappropriate, please stop in the media center.